Friday, April 22, 2011

Wonkette Has Now Lost 43 Advertisers But Still Publish A Palin Attack Post

Thanks to the ever vigilant and irrepressible Ron Devito at the US for Palin site for this update on the ever increasing amount of firms who have pulled their advertising from the execrable Wonkette blog. 

Wonkette seems to have decided they can make up for the loss of direct revenue by getting hits by posting continuous attacks on Sarah Palin as they have done today. I note they only have 55 comments instead of the usual 2-3 thousand they get when they attack Palin, either the idiots are cowed, or the editor Layne, removes the really bad ones out of fear he will lose even more revenue.
As usual all the silly juveniles have appeared to make their ever so clever sarcastic comments. My thoughts are that it is a good thing as it exposes the true face of liberalism when they let the mask slip, which revolts all correct thinking people.

Even some more mature lib sights have condemned Wonkette. I have explained  (with a picture of the person Steuf who created the Trig article which in itself confirms my thesis) what the root cause of this evil side of liberalism is and this continuous attack on Palin by Wonkette just goes to confirm it.
Thank to Ron for the following:
Trig’s Crew Companies – or what US for Palin calls “Trig’s Crew Hall of Heroes” now encompasses 43 companies whose executives pulled ads from the deranged pro-abortion site known as “Wonkette.” The site orchestrated an evil Twitter attack on three-year-old Trig Palin after his mother, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin posted a birthday Tweet and photo. As reported by Stacy DrakeAdrienne Ross and Lori Calabrese, Wonkette has since pulled down the post, however, many other vile anti-Trig posts remain.
Trig’s Crew Companies was created by Ellen, an engineering student and contributor
H/T Josh Painter, Texas for Sarah Palin for lead on Trig’s Crew Companies Twitter

Trig’s Crew Hall of Heroes
Standing Up and Doing the Right Thing

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