Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Poll Of 7000. Palin Increases Massive lead Over GOP Field Despite Media's Trump Trumpeting

In the previous Hot Air straw poll of 7000 responders Palin blew away the field of possible GOP presidential candidates with 33% of the vote-the rest being split in small lots amongst a wide field.

In the latest poll not only has Palin actually slightly increased her level of support,  but she is streets ahead of everyone else.

This is significant for two reasons. Firstly, despite all the media hype that she is "finished" Palin not only held her level of support but actually increased it during a time of much negative coverage.

Secondly, and as been shown time and time again, Palin is the overwhelming choice of the activist grass roots of the party. these are the people who will show up in the primary battles, and who will work tirelessly for her if she is the nominee-it is unimaginable that any other candidate could garner anywhere near that level of campaign support.

Here is the result of the latest HA poll: Noticeably, for all the hype, Trump has gone up less than 1% from the previous poll and Bachman, yesterday's bright shiny object is under 7%.

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