Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If Obama Can't Stand Up To Palin/Trump Then How Can He Defeat Dictators?

With President Obama's cave in to Donald trump-and Sarah Palin who alone amongst the other prospective 2012 candidates had the gumption to ask that the "long form" birth certificate be released, how could he honestly project himself as being able to stand up for America in foreign affairs?

Palin was not included amongst the 'birther's" but simply asked that,in the interest of "moving on  to a normal review of important issues" that the certificate be released so as to put  an end to the matter. In this she applauded Trump's,now successful efforts.

Joan Walsh at Salon,with an apparent sigh,called it "giving in to bullies" but if that is how she  and the left see it then again, what confidence can there being a president who can't hold his ground against two basically powerless people ,especially compared to the North Korean and middle-east dictators who will,surely, be heartened, by this weakness.

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