Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wonkette Forlornly Denuded Of Advertisers Goes Palin Attack Berserk

The execrable Wonkette, having lost a fabulous 43! advertisers (see the irrepressible Ron Devito's  
"US For Palin" site for the full list) to the campaign of the righteous from right (mostly) and left (a few) who were sickened by that " meta humor' sites disgusting attack on Sarah Palin's handicapped child have erupted in a veritable Vesuvius of venom striking blindly out at Palin.

In the days subsequent to their being exposed for the horrible pack they are Wonkette has run with three articles attacking Palin.

Sadly for them Palin has not made any public statements of note, so in their latest childish outburst they have dug up (from April 17th) an ever so condescending article from the ultra-liberal Los Angeles Times which looks down the authors nose-Charles Gibson style at Palin, which Wonkette headlines as "Los Angeles Times calls Palin a "special needs Case'. Ha ha-get it? Of course the newspaper did no such thing.

The execrable Wonkette can rant and foam at the mouth and hit out at their (self inflicted) tormentors-they hint that Andrew Breitbart is next up for their latest "expose" (which I look forward to-as it should be the death knell of Wonkette by taking him on) but the empty advertising space on their front page tells the true story  of who was the winner and who was the loser in this sorry tale of liberal hubris.

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