Monday, April 18, 2011

Liberals Hit Vilest Level With Disgusting "Trig's Birthday" Attack On Innocent Child

Update: A suggestion has been made that the advertisers who sponsor the vile site be emailed and advised that they will not be supported as long as they sponsor such a disgusting website. The left did this with "Beck" and this sort of "Hit them where it hurts most" tactic is very effective-they will take notice if  their advert revenue drops.

The only possible positive thing to come out of the most disgusting, depraved attack on an innocent child, by a so called "progressive" site "Wonkette" is that the rotten core of liberalism is exposed to the light of day.

The most vile, disgusting, crude remarks about an innocent child are on view at that site, which have emanated from the deepest dark level of hell, where the minds of the rotten to the core liberals who inhabit the cesspool that is Wonkette dwell.

Not satisfied with attacking a mentally challenged child, they imply deception and incest on behalf of the parents and siblings. The readership thinks all this is just too funny and clever, and try to outdo each other with their disgusting remarks.

If a tiny percentage of the vitriol they hurl at the Palin family was directed at the Obama's by a right wing website the left, and the media, would descend into howls of outrage, but because the trash comes from a liberal site that seems to be perfectly acceptable.

One further thing they have accomplished, is to ensure that the right, especially the Palin supporters, are galvanized, and ready to do all they can to defeat what these liberals stand for, and the candidates they support.

Whichever candidates they support are worthy, in their eyes, of the support of  these alleged humans, who hold the views they do, and thus deserve to be opposed with every fibre of a decent persons being.

They need to be told in their comments section exactly what decent people think of their disgusting behaviour.

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