Friday, July 20, 2012

ABC News False Aurora Accusation Proves Palin Was Right With Media "Blood Libel" Comment

The Aurora shooting is a despicable tragedy. Adding to the horror of the event is ABC News trying to add fuel to the fire with their grossly erroneous and almost immediate attempt to tie the murderer to the Tea party.

Breitbart, amongst many others has the details 

They, to their huge credit, also have an interview with the poor, terrified, man who was falsely linked to the murderer.

That the media would do such a blatant attempt to incite against the decent conservative plain folks of the Tea party-who, despite the media's best efforts, have not been linked in reality to any act of terror speaks volumes. It also vindicates Sarah Palin who stood bravely against exactly this sort of media distortion after the terrible, and similar in many ways, Gifford's shooting disaster.

The media incited against Palin by drawing attention to a campaign map her team had drawn up which had targets against a number of congressional seats, including, but not especially highlighted, Gabby Gifford's seat. That the DNC had done a similar thing in their campaign activities was passed over.

Palin rightly decried this in the strongest of terms using the phrase "blood libel" in the context of falsely accusing someone in a mater of death and tragedy. As is the usual coarse for  the media then went after Palin even more harshly in an attempt to destroy her politicly.

The despicable action by ABC News in this instance once again shows their bias against conservatives and that Palin had a valid point as does this Tweet;

 Wow, no Sarah Palin blaming this time? That's a major step towards walking the talk. Peace.

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