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Taylor Marsh Lets Her Palin Hatred Get The Better Of Her Judgement Once Again

Sigh.....leftist women just can't let it go. Their hate for Sarah Palin, or rather the values she not only represents but lives, burns undiminished. (link)
Taylor Marsh, once again, has another bash at Palin and in doing so abrogates any right to be considered a journalist-but certainly she qualifies as a "journolist" the cabal of media writers who worked to elect Obama in 2008.

Marsh comments on Kelly Ayotte being possibly considered as a running mate for Romney;

"So, a qualified woman finally appears amid all the pasty white males considered on the short list, with many political insiders believing Sen. Marco Rubio’s baggage would be just too much for Team Mitt."

Clearly Marsh's whole attitude is that since her inamorata Hillary did not become president some other woman should. Her reason is so feminista skewed that journalism flies out the window in the process. Firstly, Rubio is an Hispanic and, especially as he lives in Florida would not be considered "pasty white" as if skin color is an indicator of capability-I thought Martin Luther King had put that to rest. 

But Marsh is so determined that sex trumps qualifications, after all what experience has Ayotte actually had to be an heartbeat away from the presidency, that she actually overcomes her prejudice against conservative, right to life, Christian women to push for Ayotte to be amongst those considered.

Secondly, Marsh has no way of knowing who is on the short list, which deliberations others  in the media have commented on as being highly secretive.  Susana Martinez has been bandied about which seems to have escaped Marsh. She writes; 

"Obviously, her politics aren't mine, as I could never vote for a woman who’s against my own individual freedoms and right to self-determination, but then I'm a liberal, not a religious conservative."

And then she segue's into her hobby horse, bashing Sarah Palin.

"Conservative women have been silent on the importance of getting past Sarah Palin’s disastrous vice presidential run. It’s one of the least reported and written about realities of the 2012 race, with the only one I know having mentioned it regularly being yours truly"

The explanation why Marsh is the only one mentioning  this theme is that it is so preposterous and discredited no journalist of repute would  say such a silly thing.

Look Ms Marsh, try, really give it, non-prejudicial analysis, a try. Palin's vice-presidential run was not "disastrous" it did not cost McCain the presidency, it has not made the selection of women more difficult.  The reality Taylor is it is the male campaign managers for McCain who have distorted the truth to cover their ineptitude. But don't take my word for it as a mere male-here below, yet again, are the unvarnished facts from the exits polls and the common sense explanations as to why McCain's campaign, not Palin's was so disastrous.

Here are the facts;

(By the way, it was Hillary's campaign that was 'disastrous" her losing to a basically little know junior senator)

When they start apportioning the blame to the real people responsible for it – McCain’s team and Game Change authors – the schadenfreude will be palpable.

The left’s theme that Palin cost McCain votes is totally refuted by independent exit poll analysis by the likes of CNN.   This sudden discovery that perhaps the 2008 disaster was not Palin’s fault has other reasons for surfacing from the MSM then some new regard for Palin – far from it.  

It is being slowly puffed up so as to tie Romney to McCain along the lines of “the GOP is nominating someone who lost to the last one they nominated, and who ran a disastrous campaign." Thus, shifting the blame from Palin to McCain and his team will be part of the Dem's campaign effort.

This is all to the good, as Palin has survived the onslaught, and when Romney ceases to be “the party leader until November,” as Mitch McConnell said today, the meme she caused the 2008 defeat will have been discarded and discredited by its own creators as she moves towards 2016.

Because it suited the MSM/left to denigrate Sarah Palin whilst she was viewed as a possible threat to President Obama’s re-election chances, the prevailing meme has been that it was Palin’s “disastrous” selection/campaign that led to McCain’s defeat.

This histrionic myth-making reached its apotheosis in the Hollywood hit piece “Game Change” which followed hard on the heels of the Joe McGinnis hatchet job. The release of both were obviously timed to derail the expected Palin run for the GOP nomination.  No doubt there was much cursing by various publishers and producers when Palin decided not to be a candidate.

The Game Change team relied on McCain team gossip and character assassination because it suited their purpose.  What it could not do forever was to destroy the obvious facts, no matter how much they shrouded them in leftist malarkey.

As its most basic, the facts are that:

1. Palin lifted McCain ahead of Obama after she was named to the ticket and gave her convention speech.

2. Palin made the obvious point that candidate Obama had little legislative experience, no business experience and no foreign affairs experience  and had associations with a number of disreputable characters and a history of drug taking.

3. Nobody really knew anything about him, and what was allowed to escape through the “journolist” conspiracy leftist media was quickly shunted off the front page or not discussed at all. Even Jimmy Kimmel questioned this recently –  ”how did we miss this”.    (In 2008, Obama’s own book discussed his eating dog meat).

4. The McCain team and McCain lost the election, not Palin, as this obvious comment states:

“She would have led the Republicans to victory had it not been for the September financial collapse and McCain’s disastrous decision to suspend his campaign so that he could vote for the TARP bailout in Washington.”

Here is an analysis from the commentator ZH100 at Conservatives4Palin followed by the actual post-2008 analysis, which shows the positive effect Palin had in spite of  the disastrous efforts by the  McCain personnel and McCain’s lacklustre efforts under their guidance.

From the article:

‘The Truth HBO’s ‘Game Change’ Hides: Palin Carried McCain Until He Changed the Game’ (by Joel B. Pollak) 

“I briefly served as a volunteer speechwriter on the McCain-Palin campaign in 2008. I was never part of the inner circle, and even if I had “dirt” to dish, I wouldn’t dare violate the confidentiality agreement I signed – even though that hasn’t stopped some former McCain campaign aides from publicly blaming Gov. Sarah Palin for everything that went wrong.

But here’s the truth about the McCain-Palin campaign, which HBO’s upcoming “Game Change” film attempts to shroud in fanciful anti-Palin fiction: Palin carried the campaign.

She would have led the Republicans to victory had it not been for the September financial collapse and McCain’s disastrous decision to suspend his campaign so that he could vote for the TARP bailout in Washington.

After the bailout vote, support for the Republican ticket collapsed. “

From the article:

‘Palin comparison’

At Circo, following HBO’s “Game Change,” an operative involved in Sarah Palin’s heady VP-maybe days, said:

“McCain’s keepers, bald, smoking, hating her, couldn’t deal with a woman candidate. A Christian who needs to pray had no one to pray with. Separated from family, she was kept in her room. A runner who does five miles a day locked in a room!”

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