Tuesday, July 24, 2012

But What If I Want Jhatka-Matka Moves?

I received this unsolicited email inviting me to train as a Bollywood dancer-which shows the hit or miss nature of online advertising.

I must admit I was tempted but when I saw there were no "jhatka-matka" moves , well, who would be interested really?


It's not dance but a full body workout that is just plain fun body movements with Bollywood music.

· BollyworX is a work-out, not dance.

· BollyworX is exceptionally easy and fun, suitable for all age groups and all fitness levels.

· BollyworX is fun without feeling self-conscious.

· BollyworX has no 'jhatka-matka' or obscene Bollywoodmoves that will embarrass anybody.

· BollyworX is value for money.

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