Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Which Dem Will Charlotte Strip Clubs Impersonate? Will Feminists Complain?

Here is a handy map for the Democratic Party convention goers to refer to when they gather in Charlotte North Carolina September 3rd. It details the location of the strip clubs so they can choose which one is closest to their accommodation

Google has a whole list of such establishments and, luckily for the Dem's so inclined, there are patron's reviews,so choosing is made easier.

Since a strip club in Tampa has hired the services of a stripper whose stock in trade is to impersonate Sarah Palin, the question arises as to whom the Charlotte strip clubs will impersonate to satisfy the lusts of the Dem's who will be away from their wives for nearly a week. 

Here is a tawdry report from a Miami newspaper complete with a degrading picture of the "Sarah Palin's Porn Doppelgänger" which feminists find perfectly OK.

The leftist media seen fit to find the fact of a Palin impersonator hilarious in numerous media, including television, reports without any strictures as to how a public figure could be treated with such a lack of dignity. One must assume then that they will also be totally sanguine in respect of a stripper impersonating female Democratic Party personalities of note.

Since not a single feminist voice or feminist organization has seen fit to make any complaint whatsoever about a female being treated in such a degrading manner, one presumes they are perfectly happy with any of these figures being impersonated by a stripper for leftist men to slobber over;

Kirsten  Gillibrand
Nancy Pelosi
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Rebeccas Schoenkopf

These names come to mind as prominent Dem's but I am sure there are many others that a stripper could bare her all impersonating in the name of "entertainment". No doubt the media would also get lots of laughs and feminist would think it all good fun-after all they thought Bill Clinton's escapades were "alpha male" privileges.

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