Thursday, July 19, 2012

Video:McCain On Piers Morgan Tonight: Palin ‘Was the Right Choice’

I don't know why the leftist media keeps asking John McCain about his choice of Sarah Palin. What do they expect him to say, that he regrets it? McCain is nothing if not honourable, and of course would stand by his decision. 

Perhaps the leftist MSM thinks if they asks him often enough just the simple repetition will somehow get into people's minds that McCain does regret it-you know, the Nazi's "if you keep repeating a lie often enough it will seem the truth" tactic.

With thanks, as always, to Conservatives4Palin and Steve Flesher

McCain on Piers Morgan Tonight: Palin ‘Was the Right Choice’

In an interview airing tonight on CNN with Piers Morgan, McCain talks about his 2008 campaign.
When asked if he regretted Sarah Palin and her value as a candidate, he had the following to say:

Oh no… she invigorated our campaign, she galvanized our base,” explains the Republican from Arizona. “She and her husband and family are wonderful people. I’m very proud to have them as my friends.”
I think that she, at the end of the day, was the right choice.”

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