Sunday, July 15, 2012

Palin Supporters Revolt Against The Romney Team Excluding Her From Tampa Grows

As is clear from the huge amount of negativity from the Palin supporters blogs, including the very influential Conservatives4Palin site, the Newsweek article (at the site AT THIS LINK with acerbic comments following the post) which shows Romney team members as stonewalling a Palin Tampa invite, has stirred up a hornets nest.

And the bad news just keeps on coming. Here is "Firelight" who runs the dynamic
"Palin 4 America" site's take on the matter-and it not complementary to Romney's team.

 As I have said, if Romney wants to insult the 3 million plus Palin admirers on Facebook, plus the Palin activists who were willing to vote for him as ABO-then on his head be it if they don't show up to vote in November.

Earth To Romney: What The Hell Are You Thinking?

Ok, so I’m lounging by the pool today watching my kids play and a tweet comes across my phone with a link to a well written article by Peter Boyer. Now I’ve met the Romney people here in Colorado so I’m not surprised that Gov. Palin hasn’t been issued an invite but seeing it writing just makes me stop and wonder what the hell Romney is thinking.  Does he want to win?
Gov. Palin is still one of the most sought after Republican or conservative speakers. She draws enormous crowds. She sells out speaking engagements, her books hit the best seller lists, she gives ratings spikes when she appears on TV and she has the biggest grassroots following in the GOP. People listen to her.  People relate to her.  An insult and slap at her like this is an insult and slap at every conservative out there. It’s a slap at the GOP base itself and that is no way to win votes.  Gov. Palin EXCITES, INSPIRES, and MOTIVATES the more thanjust the base.
How do I know she inspires more than the base? Because I was lounging at the pool next to 3 of my best friends today. Of those 3, one is a Romney supporter, one is completely non-political and one thinks Al Gore is the bomb (I know, we love her anyway).  They have all come around to like and respect Gov. Palin and my Republican friend who supports Romney loves Sarah.  I read parts of the article to them and they were all in shock. They couldn’t believe it. They knew politics was dirty but usually it stays behind the scenes and publicly everyone at least plays pleasant. My Romney friend looked like she had seen a ghost. She also provided the title to this thread, lol.  Her first thought was that he will lose if he follows thru with this.  I can’t argue with her.  I don’t think this is a smart move.  We discussed that while Romney and the GOPe may think they have the luxury of playing petty intra-party partisan politics, it will cost them the election. Maybe another 4 years of Obama for those people isn’t that big of a deal but for people like me and for my kid’s future… everything is on the line in this election so for Romney to be playing these games is offensive.
I will make one correction in Mr. Boyer’s article.  Gov. Palin did not reimburse the RNC for the clothes.  She did not purchase the clothes nor did she keep the clothes. The clothes were the property of the RNC and they returned the clothes. You can find the truth of that story here as told by the stylist Lisa Kline.

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