Friday, July 20, 2012

Ron Paul "I Have Not Decided If I'll Vote For Romney". Imagine If Palin Said That

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Imagine if this comment came from Palin-the media would crucify her for "disloyalty" or something. Palin has  in effect said she would vote for Romney with her "anyone but Obama" response to the question.

But Ron Paul can say, at this late stage , that he has not made up his mind if he will vote for Romney. Paul has the power to re-elect president Obama by advising his followers to vote for Gary Johnson but that concept is passed over, as is Paul's remarks. Once again the MSM shows their true colors and who they are afraid of long-term.

Ron Paul: I 'Have Not' Decided If I'll Vote for Romney

Ron Paul, who is still technically running for the Republican nomination, says he has not decided whether or not he'll vote for Mitt Romney.
"I have not made a decision," Paul told Fox Business Network's Liz Claman and David Asman.
When asked what he thinks about Romney as a candidate for president, Paul responded, "Compared to whom? He certainly offers different things than the current president. But the current conditions make it rough for anyone. They are going to have a very though job."
Paul and Romney reportedly struck up a friendly rapport on the campaign trail, The New York Times noted in February.
While Paul is still a candidate, he announced in May that he would stop campaigning in new states, and his supporters have fallen short of reaching the delegate threshold necessary to make him eligible for the GOP presidential nomination at the party's national convention in Tampa, but Paul has not officially announced his withdrawal from the race, as other Republican candidates have done.
It's almost gospel that Republican candidates, despite their rivalry, must acknowledge that they would support any Republican presidential candidate over the Democratic incumbent. But given Paul's nonconformity to the party mold, he hasn't always been afforded that courtesy: In December,Newt Gingrich said he would not vote for Paul if the Texas congressman became the GOP's nominee.
Paul drastically differs from most Republicans, including Mitt Romney, on some major policy points, including his desire to eliminate the Federal reserve and close U.S. military bases overseas.

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