Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pathetic Liberal Bloggers "Infiltrate" Palin's Tea Party Meeting But Find "Adoration"

"Electablog" A sad liberal blogger, I mean just look at him in his "conservative disguise" how utterly childish infiltrated (along with the even more childish blogger from LOLGOP) the Bellleville Michigan Tea Party rally which featured Sarah Palin.

Apart from the obligatory digs at the flyover country folk, the counting of Black people attending (what does that prove? Are these people "racist" because Black people, who support Obama by 84% don't attend Tea Party rallies?) the blogger advised that Romney wasn't mentioned. The fact that he wasn't allowed to be mentioned under campaign rules escaped him of course.

Anyway,his site is a classic example of leftist immaturity right down to taking silly photo's and giving mad magazine type captions. What is of interest however is the inescapable fact that, as he had to admit, Palin is hugely popular. He puts this down to her being attractive of course and, as would be expected juvenile jokes follow in his discourse. 

That Palin's right to life stance, as shown in her own life, her common-sense conservative economic prescriptions, her expertise on energy development and a dedication to the military and American values is the cause of the love shown to her, not her appearance is beyond the comprehension of the immature left.

Here are a couple of photo's from his site 
AT THIS LINK . There are many other ones of good honest American folk (puppets of Koch in his view) and good ones of Sarah amongst the "Wonkette" type shots chosen to ridicule and denigrate ordinary folks. The blogger doesn't realise that what values he is ridiculing  and the type of person he is denigrating will, in due course, wipe away the statist, condescing "values' he represents. 

Sarah Palin adorers were everywhere. In fact, if she wasn’t the headliner, they never would have had 400 people there. It was a level of adulation and reverence that I haven’t seen since the Obama rallies of 2008.

This guy proudly posed for me:

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