Saturday, July 21, 2012

Obama Takes 126 Electoral College Vote Landslide Lead Over Romney.

The highly respected poll tracking site which does a daily update of the state of the Electoral College based on a calculation of the latest polls has President Obama's EC lead over Mitt Romney approaching landslide proportions.

Do not click on this map to see the individual results but go to the link above.

With the newest poll out of Florida giving Obama a substantial lead, the states 29 EC votes give, based on the calculations which are explained at the site a massive 126 vote lead at 332 to 206 has been wrong only once, and marginally so, in only one presidential election since it has been doing these calculations. Given the huge EC vote lead for President Obama, at least at this stage, the omens are not looking good for Romney. 

The only difference between Obama's state by state win over McCain in 2008 is that Romney would win back Indiana, which is to be expected and North Carolina. However in North Carolina his lead is a tenuous one with his having only a one point lead 48% to 47%

Obama won in 2008 with 365 EC votes compared to McCain's 173 and if he wins the states he is currently in and picks up North Carolina again he would have 347 which, minus Indiana and the one vote he gained in Nebraska, would have him with the same result in 2008 (demographic shifts moved EC votes into the GOP's favor after 2008). 

To see the polling results by state and the previous elections you simply "hover" over a state when you go to their link.

So much for the now seen as preposterous MSM/leftist meme that somehow "Sarah Palin cost McCain the election". McCain dealt with that simply and factually last week ascribing his loss,obviously, to the economic collapse. He was leading Obama after Palin came on the ticket and never had a lead again after Lehman Brothers went under.

Real Clear Politics tracking polls of the popular vote also has President Obama ahead of Romney and if both the EC and popular vote hold up as they are, or anywhere near it then, once again, the GOP establishments choice will have failed, and failed miserably, and Palin or another conservative's time will have come in 2016.

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