Thursday, July 26, 2012

Romney's Political Body Is Still Warm And Christie Says He Would "Certainly Think About Running In 2106"

With the smart money at Intrade having Mitt Romney at a 40.3 % chance of being elected this November, and the Electoral College polling showing him a massive 126 EV votes behind President Obama, the jockeying for 2016 is well under way.

Beltway pundits have explained away the weak GOP primary field as being the second tier having a go at the "next in line" Romney. Really, apart from the media having to pump them up to create reader interest in the slow season, who would have given the likes of Santorum, Cain, Bachman, Paul any realistic chance of getting the nomination? 

Pawlenty was the Beltway pick, but he proved utterly hopeless on the campaign trail right out of the blocks.
In reality, when Palin, Christie, Daniels,Bush and Pence decided not to run, and Gingrich ran out of money only Rick Perry had a reasonable chance, but when he imploded that was the end of matters.

Realistically to unseat a sitting president a campaign needs to run on immense luck. With outside the norm events like a massive depression, Americans being taken hostage and an ensuing failed rescue attempt, a major war or massive scandal being game changers. None of those events are in play except, perhaps, the economic one and even there President Obama still has some degree of the benefit of the doubt.

It is no surprise that prospective GOP candidates for 2016 are looking down the track, but it is perhaps a bit surprising that they would do so openly even before Romney is nominated! On the other hand, for Christie to make noises in that direction is indicative of his personality. 

It is why he will be the keynote speaker at the forthcoming convention and is why he probably won't get the 2016 nomination as he may be destroyed by his own outspokenness. An excellent spearhead vice-presidential nominee in 2016 by the way for exactly those qualities.

Here is Christie response to the 2016 question from Yahoo. Sarah Palin has indicated some time ago that the door is open for 2016 and Jeb Bush who "hasn't ruled a 2016 runout" is openly touted by the establishment wing. Basically there are less than four months before the 2016 GOP campaign commences.

Chris Christie said Wednesday he would "certainly think about running" for president four years from now if Mitt Romney does not win in November, the Associated Press reports.
The popular New Jersey Republican governor resisted pressure to seek the Republican presidential nomination last year, but 2016 is in his sights.
"If there's an opportunity for me to serve in another capacity and I think I have something to add to the mix, I don't think I'd back away from it," he said, according to the AP.
It is rumored that Christie could be given a keynote speaking opportunity at the Republican convention in August.

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