Friday, July 6, 2012

Texas Newspaper "Romney Needs To Step Aside & Let Palin Take Over"

The Lubbock Texas Avalanche-Journal has an impassioned opinion piece up today titled "Romney Must quit  supporting Obama". The article reflects, in the writers vociferous way (some of whose comments I disagree with) the disquiet in some parts of the GOP's camp at what is seen as, at least, a lacklustre campaign by Romney and for others actually a supportive campaign by him. The Wall Street Journal is quoted as another critic of Romney.

This of course stems in some major part with Romney's difficulty over the Obamacare situation-Romney being credited by Obama as being the conceptual originator of President Obama's own health care act.
The GOP, if it loses because of conservative abstention in November will have made a rod for its own back-there will be no use in blaming the majority of Republicans who voted for the other prospective candidates.

The GOP establishment wanted Romney, Romneycare and all and they now have him. 

That writers such as the one in Lubbock are giving vent to their frustration at Romney' apparent me to-ism  is hardly surprising. That there is a call for Palin to take over the reins-a proven fighter unblemished with Romney's Romneycare and flip-flopper reputation also not surprising, rather is it frustrating and saddening that the one person who called out Obama correctly for what he is in 2008 was pushed out of the running.

Here is the gist of the article-you can read the whole post AT THIS LINK  Politico has an opinion piece up: "Conservative griping about Romney grows" AT THIS LINK and the conservative compilation site memeorandum has three other major articles AT THIS LINK

Romney Must Quit Supporting Obama!

Mitt Romney needs to quit supporting the campaign of Barack Hussein Obama.  It seems that Mitt Romney and his staff lack courage, as did John McCain, to take on a Black Marxist with a Muslim name.  It is time for Mitt Romney to shed all vestiges of Political Correctness, White Guilt, and Islamic Sensitivity.  Mitt Romney must start acting like the Presidential candidate who is capable of saving the United States of America and all of Western Civilization from Barack Obama, George Soros, and all on the Progressive Far Left who are supporting Barack Obama.
These are very difficult, challenging, and serious times.  Government spending and our National Debt are spiraling further out of control.  Few Republicans in Congress have the intestinal fortitude to challenge Obama and his corrupt Administration.  Barack Obama and Eric Holder continue to defy the laws of our nation and to act as if they hold imperial/dictatorial powers over the American people.
Mitt Romney promised the Republicans he was the best and most courageous person to be our Republican Presidential Candidate.  If Romney cannot quickly muster his courage and get his staff on board, Romney needs to step aside and let someone like Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, or Donald Trump take his place.
Obama has not been doing well as our President, and it is time for Obama to begin enjoying his retirement.  The American people agree and want Obama out of their White House.
Obama is apparently covering up and hiding his own involvement in the Fast and Furious gun smuggling operation.  The American people increasingly oppose ObamaCare.  Obama’s economic programs are not creating jobs nor are they creating economic growth.  Government spending and our national debt are both growing at alarming rates.  Obama is providing no resistance to the adverse and hostile actions of Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, Muslim Brotherhood, and many other terrorist groups.
Our Supreme Court just declared that the individual mandate in ObamaCare is a tax.  The American people hate additional taxes, so this was a great political advantage for Mitt Romney until his spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said it was not a tax but a penalty.
Mitt Romney quickly corrected his spokesman.  Fox News reported,
"The majority of the court said it's a tax, therefore it's a tax," Romney said in a CBS News interview. "They have spoken. There's no way around that. The American people (now) know that President Obama has broken the pledge he made. He said he wouldn't raise taxes on middle-income Americans."
However, the Fox News report continued,
Romney's comments Wednesday in fact mark the second time in three days that the campaign has attempted to clarify its position.
Hours after Fehrnstrom's comment, the campaign issued a statement saying Romney considers the fine an "unconstitutional penalty" rather than a tax. 

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