Thursday, July 12, 2012

Palin Endorsed Ted Cruz Surges Into Texas Senate Lead In New PPP Poll

Sarah Palin's winning streak for endorsed candidates looks like it will continue in spectacular fashion. PPP Polling's first poll AT THIS LINK of the GOP's run-off campaign for the nomination for senator from Texas shows Palin endorsed Ted Cruz in a solid lead. 

The fact that a Dem pollster finds the result "surprising" is of course hardly surprising. the fact that they give the credit to the Tea party without mentioning the massive effect Palin's endorsement had on the campaign is also not surprising-but it is sad.
For a more unbiased via of Cruz and Palin's endorsement see the Hill AT THIS LINK.

If Cruz's remarkable result in keeping the person Dewhurst from winning the first round is included in the calculation and Cruz goes on to win at the end of the month it will be an astonishing 7 wins in a row for Palin including, Deb Fischer's amazing win in Nebraska. And Palin is supposed to be "irrelevant" In the meantime she is shaping the senate, at least, to her views by her chosen candidates winning race after race.

PPP's first poll of the Texas Senate runoff finds Ted Cruz with a surprising 49-44 lead and a much more enthusiastic cadre of supporters than former front runner David Dewhurst.
Cruz's lead expands to a whooping 59-36 margin over Dewhurst among voters who describe themselves as 'very excited' about voting in the election. The lower turnout is, the better Cruz's chances will be. Dewhurst leads 51-43 with 'somewhat excited' voters and 50-36 with those who say they are 'not that excited.' The big question is whether those less enthused folks will actually bother to turn out or not.
This race is one of the most stark examples of the Tea Party movement propelling a candidate that we've seen to date. 40% of voters identify themselves as members of that movement and Cruz has a 71-26 advantage with them.
The remarkable history of Cruz's advance is detailed below;

Subsequent to Sarah Palin's endorsement of him, GOP candidate for senator from Texas Ted Cruz has completed the astonishing journey from polling at only 3% to being in the final run-off. Cruz having kept the previously presumed winner Dewhurst below 50% in tonight's primary battle.


 92% reportingTed Cruz

David Dewhurst


Clearly this last minute Tweet by Palin to Texans, and her previous robocall, made a major contribution to Cruz's success in getting into the run-off tonight;

Sarah Palin

Dear Texans, please remember to vote today for Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate! 

The Cruz rise follows on from Palin's remarkable success in assisting conservative candidates, who were outsiders and initially polling lowly, into becoming winners. Richard Mourdock in Indiana and Deb Fischer in Nebraska are the two latest, whom even Palin's enemies have grudgingly admitted were assisted by her into the winners circle.

If Cruz is the last in the recent trifecta, then his win,or even his getting  into the run-off by denying Dewhurst a first round victory, will be perhaps the most remarkable of Palin's picks, and her place as king maker will have to be accepted by the punditry.

 Of course not all Palin's picks will win.That would be impossible, as some choices will have so little prospect of winning even though they are of outstanding quality. However her winning percentage is remarkable as is the enthusiasm her endorsments bring.

Here is remarkable polling history for Cruz.

January 2011 Dewhurst 23% Cruz 3% (Dewhurst +20)


Post PALIN endorsement poll May 21st

Democrat Pollster PPP Polling (D)  on May 24th
Dewhurst 46%  Cruz 29%  (Dewhurst +17)
PPP also found this result;

"Even though Rick Perry's candidate is likely to defeat Sarah Palin's, her endorsement polls much more positively. 36% of voters say they're more inclined to back a Palin supported candidate to 21% who consider it a negative. Perry's stock with Texas Republicans has fallen so far his endorsement is actually a net minus with 24% saying it would make them more inclined to vote for his candidate to 28% who say less likely."

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