Sunday, July 29, 2012

Politico's Haberman Concedes "Palin Still Has A Following" Ted Cruz Would Agree

Here is the ludicrously Palin Derangement Syndrome afflicted Maggie Haberman at leftist site Politico;

"Palin is nowhere near the relevant force she was even two years ago, but she still has a following."

For the life of me I can't understand why Politico has any following. It is supposed to be a site that covers the political scene but is so leftist biased that it really is just a mouthpiece for the administration. The site was notorious for having "Journalistas" a left wing-cabal of commentators who were totally in the tank for then candidate Obama.

Haberman concedes that "Palin has some influence' which is of course an idiotic, biased understatement if there  ever was one.

Her last six endorsed candidates have won, or finished in a run-off Mourdoch/Cruz/Fischer being examples of senate candidates who came from behind, in Cruz's case from way behind, and won after Palin endorsed them. In Cruz's case, and it looks like he will win the run-off. he readily admits that it was palin's influence that made his campaign viable.

There is no way for Haberman or any leftist to spin it otherwise. They tried the "Palin only endorses when it looks like her chosen candidate is going to win" meme but in Cruz and Fischer's case that is, to quote Santorum "bullshit".

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