Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Romney Polling Behind McCain/Palin Vs Obama In Nearly All Battleground States

For all the negativity heaped on John McCain in respect of his campaign, against impossible odds, and especially the ludicrous leftist meme that Palin "cost McCain the election." Current polling shows the McCain/Palin team did better than Mitt Romney is currently doing.

The highly regarded election analysis site has a daily update of the current polling results in each state as regards the Electoral College results are on the day. They assign a state to either President Obama or Mitt Romney based on the latest polls. Since the site has been running they have been wrong as to the final result, and that very narrowly in 2004 so their methodology must have some merit.

If the site is viewed AT THIS LINK it can be seen that, based on current polling President Obama has a massive 126 Electoral College (where it counts) lead over Romney. If a mouse is hovered over each state it brings up the latest poll from the state plus the history of the final results from the previous five elections.

In the case of the battleground states for 2012 the surprising result, surprising in the face of the huge media beat up of the McCain/Palin teams result, shows that in every case Romney is polling at best even with McCain/Palin's final
                                                 McCAIN                         ROMNEY

FLORIDA                               49%                                 43%
NORTH CAROLINA               49%                                 48%
COLORADO                          45%                                 44%
NEVADA                                43%                                 42%
OHIO                                     47%                                 45%
MISSOURI                             49%                                 48%
MINNESOTA                          44%                                 40%
INDIANA                                49%                                 48%
PENNSYLVANIA                    44%                                 44%
NEW HAMPSHIRE                45%                                  45%

Romney is doing better than McCain/Palin in Wisconsin and Michigan but it is unlikely that will mean anything in November as President Obama is likely to win them again.                              

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