Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Romney-Palin Ticket; A Reconsideration A Condemnation

I posted an article, linked below, that set out the current polling situation which has Mitt Romney at 43%. This level of support is where John McCain was prior to his selection of Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate. 

Further, and more importantly, the current Electoral College state by state polls (as illustrated in the post 
AT THIS LINK ) show Romney a massive 114 EC votes behind President Obama.

I commented that, in contradiction to not only the leftist/MSM meme that Palin "cost McCain the election" which is of course ludicrous, elements of the GOP also establishment hold that view too. 

Be that as it may if one took the "anyone but Obama" tack (as Palin herself does) and beating Obama is above over all other considerations, then for the good of the country/GOP, if the polls continue as they are, Romney might have to look at a "game changer," Someone like Palin, or Palin herself, instead of a "boring white man" as is currently the received wisdom.

I did not say however that I would wish Palin to be chosen or accept the VP nod. I have written on a number of occasions that I will never vote for Romney, not even if Palin endorsed him, campaigned for him, or was his running mate. On the other hand if she did any or all of that, I would not abandon her either.

It is important that the conservative element is seen not to actively oppose, or campaign against Romney. Firstly, if he loses, as I expect him to, the establishment must not be able to say that he was stabbed in the back, or would have won if only the Tea Party etc. supported him. 

Secondly, if that happened, the waters would be muddied for 2016 and the establishment could trot out another in the Dole/Bush/Bush/McCain/Romney line, when what is needed is a Reagan. Whether Palin would make the ultimate sacrifice and join a Romney ticket would be a massive decision for her, but if ABO is the ultimate decider she would do it I believe, putting principles above personal considerations.

That would possibly be a massive detriment to the longer term well being of the country and the GOP as, if Romney lost, then once again, the hatchet men would come looking for Palin and she would most likely never get the chance to run in 2016. She would have lost any (false) kudos with the establishment and have alienated the conservatives.

In respect of the latter it is of much value to present an opinion that was sent to me (from "Guest25555" at the link above) in respect of my original article, as it touches on the major points and hopes for the future, from a Palin supporting conservative who disagrees with the tenor of my previous post. 

Not since G.Mennen Williams impassioned response to the nomination of LBJ as Kennedy's running mate, has there been a similar response to the concept of Palin as Romney's ticket mate.

This shows the very real challenge for Palin should, and I agree it is unlikely, the offer from Romney eventuate, but such are the hazards when the great reach out for the brass ring.

"First of all it has no chance of happening.  Romney will never pick her.
Be that as it may, as a huge supporter of hers I wouldn't want her to accept the offere in any event.  I haven't supported her and followed her for all this time just to see her sell out and become in effect a cheerleader for Mitt Romney.  

I haven't done that just to see her tell everyone how great Romney is and watch her twist herself in knots when the media asks her to defend Romney's MA mandate while she attacks Obama's mandate.  Let Portman or Rubio or whoever do that.  Let them defend Romney's being 47th in jobs as Governor.  Let them defend him being on record that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.

I don't want to see her become just another lackey for Mitt Romney.  He has plenty of them already, he doesn't need any more.

Even since Nov 5, 2008 the establishment and those in the 
GOP power elite have yearned for Romney and told us he was the perfect guy, that he was the only one who could beat Obama, and we should have gone with him in 2008.  
That it was all Palin's fault McCain lost. 

I don't want any excuses this time.  Let them have their dream guy.  Let them have their dream VP in Portman or Rubio or Ryan or whoever.  

Let them do it their way 100%.  If it works, great.  If it doesn't, they won't have anyone to blame but themselves and they'll be totally and completely discredited going forward.  There will be a huge vaccuum for a conservative to pick up the pieces.
She's come too far and done too much to relegate herself to a #2 position, to a supporting actor."

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