Monday, July 30, 2012

Cheney Palin Attack Just Part Of Jeb Bush/Palin 2016 Skirmish

Todo el mondo have weighed into Dick Cheney’s and subsequently Liz Cheney’s comments-for and against Sarah Palin having been chosen by John McCain as his running mate in 2008.

Some of the reactions have been unusual and have stood what might have been expected on its head. Of course the Palin haters like Doug Mataconis from Outside the Beltway ran true to form and used Dick Cheney’s comment as an excuse to jump straight in to a Palin bashing column-nothing out of the extraordinary there.

The derangement Palin haters did their thing of course but the surprise was the reaction from the “progressive” left. The reaction from the left was not the expected “Palin is an idiot’ etc. but rather an explosion of hate towards Cheney.

  Frankly, Palin is much more of a threat to the left than Cheney, neither of course are running for office, as she is influencing election campaigns and shifting, through her support base in the Tea party, the shape of the Senate into significantly conservative territory as one after another of her endorse candidates wins their primaries.

But such is the bitter hatred the left bears for Cheney that Palin is disregarded given this opportunity to recreate and blast all of Cheney’s perceived sins. What has been missed in all this sound and fury is that Cheney’s anti-Palin comment is just another aspect of the forthcoming battle to the death between the establishment and the Tea Party for the 2016 nomination should Romney lose.

  The Bush family want Jeb to be the nominee of course which explains Barbara Bush’s snide comment that Palin should “stay in Alaska” it also explains Karl Rove’s Palin bashing.

Palin, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie have all indicated they are open to running in 2016 (which says a lot about their perception of Romney’s current chances) as has Rick Perry.

If these four run then there would be an almighty battle between Bush and Christie for the establishment support/vote and Palin/Perry for the rank and file/Tea party vote. At this time Perry looks very much damaged goods and there is even speculation he might be primaried. If he was, and lost he would of course be out of the running for 2016 and Palin would have a clear field.

What we are seeing is initial skirmishing between the people backing the possible front runners for 2016, if Romney loses then from November 7th the all out battle will commence . It is worth bearing in mind the motivations of the anti-Palin establishment figures and their supporters in the media, when they, like Cheney and any one connected to the Bush family/administration, attack Palin. These factors will become much clearer after November

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