Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Black Atheist Wry Conservative Blogger;Who Could Ask For More

I just found this absolutely delightful site 
The Macho Response 
AT THIS LINK. The site appears to be run by a Black atheist (especially anti-Romney/Mormon so) conservative. 

I say "appears to be" because the site is so discursive and catholic that it is hard to get a handle on it at first, or even second or third look. One thing is certain though, the site and the writers style are hugely entertaining and much fun.

There is a growing number of conservative Black writers on the web, a number of whom are strong Palin supporters. I believe they are a vanguard for the future as long held beliefs in statism are chipped away at by economic and social realities.

One may not always agree with his point of view-I agree on the Romney/Mormon part but not the anti-Christianity comments-but hey, I said he was entertaining. Lots of graphics and video and well worth a look-in fact i will bookmark the site as a favorite which you might do too after a few visits!

Here is his blog title (don't click on it to go to his site-click on the link above.)

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