Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Video:Fired Up Palin;"Up To GOP" Re; Convention Delighted In Cruz Victory & Hits Back At Dick Cheney

Gov. Palin Says Her Attendance at Convention Is in RNC’s Hands Sarah Palin appeared with Greta Van Susteren "On The Record" Tuesday night. The former Alaska governor and the host discussed the come-from-behind victory by Ted Cruz in today's Texas GOP primary runoff election for the U.S. Senate and the upcoming Republican convention in Tampa, Florida:

Ron Devito reports: Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tonight supported Chick-Fil-A’s First Amendment rights, discussed the Ted Cruz Victory, her continued wait on the RNC’s answer about attendance at the GOP Convention, and former Vice President Dick Cheney’s comments about her 2008 Vice Presidential nomination during an interview with Greta Van Susteren from a Fox affiliate’ studio at an unknown location.

Gov. Palin said that David Cathy, the President of Chick-Fil-A was expressing his support of traditional marriage, not gay-bashing. She regarded attempts by the mayors of several cities to boycott the franchise chain as being intolerant, bigoted, and hypocritical. She said that Muslims, Orthodox Jews, Catholics, and Protestants all consider marriage as being between one man and one woman as they have for millennia.

 Further, she Obama and Biden also held this belief until they flip-flopped in order to satisfy homosexual campaign donors. Gov. Palin expressed her satisfaction with Ted Cruz’s US Senate Primary victory. She said it was “Tea Party Patriots who worked to get him elected and help get our country back on the right track.” Gov. Palin first learned about Ted Cruz through conservative talk show host Mark Levin. She subsequently learned that Cruz is a Ninth and Tenth Amendment scholar. Van Susteren asked Gov. Palin if she thought the matter of gay marriage should be settled at the national level.

She answered that the dialogue should be held at the national level, but it is up to the states to decide the issue. Gov. Palin had expressed interest in being at the GOP Convention in Tampa, but said the final disposition of her attendance is in the RNC’s hands and she awaits their answer. Van Susteren asked Gov. Palin to respond to Dick Cheney’s comment that selecting her for the VP nomination in 2008 “was a mistake.” She said “if Dick – I mean ‘Vice President’ – Cheney” did not know her record, she felt sorry for him.

Gov. Palin added that the mistake would have been “saying no to service” and “hunkering down in Alaska.” She enjoyed an 86% approval rate prior to her nomination, had ushered in ethics reform and had nearly a dozen crony capitalists sent to jail. She said it was an honor to accept the nomination, an honor to run alongside McCain, and an honor to be the GOP VP candidate. Gov. Palin said “some days, baby you’re the Louisville Slugger, and other days you’re the ball. Right now, I’m the ball – and that’s okay.”

Gov. Palin said she would continue working on her down-ticket candidates, principally for Senate “to transform our government into one that is off the backs of the people and works for the people instead.” Video courtesy of SarahNET | Cross-posted at US for Palin

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