Monday, July 30, 2012

PDS Afflicted Mataconis Swoons Over Cheney/Palin. No Comment On Palin/Fischer Cruz Though

As would be expected leading Palin derangement Syndrome commentator Doug "I'll be out the back at the bar" Mataconis went in to paroxysms of pleasure at Dick Cheney's comments about Palin.

No mention from him of course regarding Liz Cheney's rebuttal and support of Palin and her denigration of Obama/Biden.

I wouldn't burden anyone with Mataconis's latest anti-Palin screed-he really does seem to have some sort of weird fixation, except for his closing, gloating remark;

The only people who still don’t seem able to acknowledge that are the increasingly shrinking core of Palinistas who bizarrely continue to believe she can do no wrong.

How Mataconis can determine the level of Palin' support is a mystery which he doesn't address. Certainly it is not from Palin's Facebook followers number which is increasing continuously, and is at 3.5 million-five times Romney's BTW.

Nor could it be from examining the result of Palin's recent endorsements, which have resulted in six in a row candidates being elected subsequent to her support, including Fischer and Mourdock who came from way behind. 

If Cruz wins, who gives much of the credit to Palin for his success at the moment, that will be a miracle result due significantly to Palin's intervention.

But hey, this is logic, and there is little use in bringing it to bear where illogical thinking reigns in Mataconis land. Perhaps we will hear from Mataconis after Cruz wins-but perhaps not.

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