Saturday, July 14, 2012

What's The Fuss? Over 50% Of Presidential Tickets Have Been Women/Minorities

The media never cease to amaze. The report that Mitt Romney is strongly considering having Condoleezza Rice as his running mate has set off an explosion of speculation about the implication of such a choice, should it happen.

It has, the MSM being true to form, given the leftist press another opportunity to bash Sarah Palin-her being some sort of example of what not to choose, and how her campaign was "disastrous" and caused McCain's defeat.

That that proposition is ludicrous has not stopped the media from getting their digs in-they are beyond pathetic. of course, if Palin mentions any of that they start in with their other dig-that she "plays the victim" so she can't win either way-not that that would stop her from calling them out of course.

That the conservatives can never win as far as the media is concerned of course a given. If Rice is the subject of speculation it is "because the GOP wants to pretend they are not racists" or "once again the GOP is insulting women by supposedly considering one just because she is a woman." 

Naturally, if a woman, or a Black wasn't being considered, then the opposite blather would be heard "the GOP won't consider a woman or a Black because they are racist and are having a war on women."

This whole supposed amazement and speculation that a woman and minorities (e.g. Rice and Rubio) are being strongly considered for the ticket is just silly. It is almost standard for either a woman or a minority person to be on a presidential ticket for almost a quarter of a century.

1984 Geraldine Ferraro
2000 Joe Lieberman
2008 Sarah Palin
2008 Barack Obama

Thus in the seven elections in nearly 25 years, over 50% of the election year battles had either a woman or a minority (Black/Jew) on a presidential campaign ticket. It should not be a matter of speculation regarding who may be on a campaign ticket based on a persons gender or ethnicity. 

In Modern America it is the norm that one or both candidates may come from either (or both) aspects. The media should start treating the public with respect not least with the understanding that the average person is not a fool.

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