Thursday, July 19, 2012

Romney Down To 41% In Fox Poll After Palin Non-Invite Story Breaks

The Fox poll was taken during the period when the Newsweek/Daily Beast article by Peter J. Boyer broke. 

Boyer detailed the stonewalling from the Romney team when he asked them if Palin would be invited to speak at the Tampa convention.

This caused an explosion of unhappy comments from Palin supporters, and a plethora of articles. These ranged from the "Palin deserves a speaking slot" to "Romney has destroyed his campaign and shot himself in the foot with both barrels" to people like the redoubtable Stacy McCain calling for Romney to "deal with the matter immediately" as millions of supporters wish it.

The general tenor of comments are that Palin has millions of followers on Facebook, and that a large number of conservatives will hold their nose and vote for Romney because, as Palin says ABO. But, subsequent to the apparent snub, many have stated  that if Romney does not invite her they will stay at home or vote down-ticket.

A number of factors may have contributed to Romney's drop to teetering on the edge of falling below 40% which, for a candidate approaching his convention, would  surely be unprecedented. 

Certainly Bain, the Obama campaigns attack adverts and of course his unwillingness to release his tax records. One thing is for certain however, the headlines about the Romney teams apparent snub, and Romney's silence on the matter is not doing him any good.

The ball is, as McCain stated, in Romney's camp.Palin, rightly, and with dignity, has said she will not invite herself to the ball. If Romney does invite her I would believe there would be an immediate jump in his polling level and a massive infusion of Palin energy from her loyal supporters.

If she is not invited, and Romney loses in November the blame will not be with her.

The post AT THIS LINK covers much of the conservative comment post the Boyer article and links to a number of others. Even a quick read through shows the huge amount of concern from conservatives at the apparent snub of Palin. 

Dear Mitt: Please fix this immediately. Signed, Several Million People Whose Help You Need to Win in November

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