Saturday, July 28, 2012

Texas Television's Outstanding Coverage Of Palin's Texas/Cruz Support Rally

Here is an excellent report on the Palin supported Ted Cruz for Senator from Texas rally from television station KHOU TV.For leather-work fans there are close up shots of the "SP" monogrammed boots Texas Governor Rick Perry gave her. ;-)


by Andrew Horansky / KHOU 11 News

Posted on July 27, 2012 at 10:55 PM

Updated yesterday at 11:00 PM

HOUSTON --  It is the biggest race in Texas and one of the most expensive races now being waged for Congress.
In The Woodlands, it brought out one of the Tea Party’s biggest names: Sarah Palin.
The former Alaska Governor spoke for 15 minutes at a rally supporting Tea Party-supported candidate Ted Cruz Friday night.
Cruz is running against Lt. Governor and fellow Republican David Dewhurst to fill Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s open Senate seat.
Wearing boots that she said were given to her by Gov. Rick Perry, Palin took aim at “lap dogs in the media practicing yellow journalism” as well as politicians who fall outside her beliefs.
“They spend, they print, they borrow,” she said. “They spend more and then they stick us with the bill.”
The crowd of hundreds applauded loudly.
“Gov. Palin’s support has a tremendous impact in galvanizing conservatives,” Ted Cruz said.
Following the speech, Palin was treated like a celebrity in the crowd. More people lined up for her than for Cruz.
“We need something to build a little more momentum to push us over the finish line,” Cruz supporter Jessica Eppler said.
In the meantime, a small group of veterans met near the rally to band behind Dewhurst, who was campaigning in Tyler.
“For Ted Cruz, this is all about ambition,” supporter Jake Ellzey said. “For David Dewhurst, this is all about country.”
It will be a busy weekend for the candidates leading up to Tuesday’s runoff election. Both will be bringing out political heavy hitters.
Cruz will stomp with former GOP candidate Rick Santorum near Dallas Saturday. Dewhurst will stomp with Gov. Perry on Monday.

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