Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shock! Vanity Fair Jewess Weiner Attacks Palin

One Juli (missing 'e') Weiner at the liberal rag Vanity Fair has an article up "Sarah Palin Considers Whether Sarah Palin Will Be Romney's Vice President"  AT THIS LINK 

Why her article should be so titled is a mystery, as it was perfectly legitimate for a former VP candidate to be asked about her thoughts on her possibly being considered as a running mate for Romney. 

But in the bizzaro world of leftist "journalism' anything that can be said or done to denigrate or lampoon Palin is par for the course.

For a Jewess to attack Palin in an East Coast leftist rag is so archetypically run of the mill and so in the Alinsky play-book that it is laughable. 

Weiner actually asks if  "Any politician in the last century more exposed?" That sentence is so disingenuous coming from a rag which published one of the most notorious hit pieces on Palin to drum up its circulation it beggars belief.

Weiner then shows her language skills " Is there any commodity more know" (sic) If Palin had said "more know" she would have been derided by the likes of Weiner as ignorant.

For further background on the Alinskyite tactics the article "

Defeating the Jewish Alinskyites"

 by Caroline Glick at The Jerusalem Post
gives an excellent overview AT THIS LINK;


"The Alinsky strategy is brilliant in its cunning mendacity. And his followers in the American Jewish community and Israel have already succeeded in causing great harm. The stakes are high in both countries. The time has come for the majority of American Jews and Israelis to stop being cowed and confused by their destructive manipulations. "

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