Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Remaking Congress In Her Image;25% Of The GOP Senate Could Be Palin Endorsees

Palin stated when she decided against running for president in 2012 "you don't need a title to make a difference". The fact that the Senate is being shaped into "Palin's Senate" election by election, shows this to be true. In fact, in November 12 members of the senate may be there because of Palin's endorsement to one degree or another.

Saxby Chambliss/ Orrin Hatch/Kelly Ayotte/Ted Cruz/Richard Mourdock/ Deb Fischer/Marco Rubio/Rand Paul/ Sarah Steelman/Jeff Flake/Pat Toomey/John Boozman were all assisted by a Palin endorsement of their campaigns.

Certainly Cruz, Fischer, Ayotte and Mourdock may not have been elected if it had not been for Palin's endorsement which even the media acknowledges. 

Presuming all are in the Senate in November, which seems likely, that is a substantial block of Palin endorsed conservatives-perhaps 25% of the GOP's Senate Caucus. 

Certainly there are also other senators e.g. Jim deMint for example, who would also vote with this conservative bloc.
This, in effect, Tea Party, caucus within the GOP will be a powerful force for the conservative point of view.

Who knows what that may mean if there is a battle for the GOP's 2016 presidential candidate nod. In the meantime it means a solid block of conservative votes in policy making.

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