Wednesday, September 29, 2010

200th Blog Entry-An Appreciation to Passers By And To Sarah Palin For The Inspiration

To give an early start on blog entry # 201 I have edited blog entry #100 to reflect changed circumstances!

I would also very much wish to thank Josh Painter of "Texas4Palin"  and Smitty from "The Other McCain" for their kind comments, references to my blog from time to time and  appreciated suggestions. I am honored to be in the same blogosphere universe as these two luminaries.      MJS September 2010

I started this blog in November 2009 and in fits and starts have just passed the century double century mark of entries. With their being countless bloggers of every imaginable stripe I am honored that not only have some thousands tens of thousands of people from around the world been interested enough to have a look at an entry or two but that seven eight kind souls have gone so far as to bookmark the blog.

Now and then there have been, almost entirely positive, comments about some of my writings which of course are greatly appreciated. I have one regret a particular pleasure in advising that I have been removed from  restored to the list of Palin supporting blogs because, and rightly so in my view, I reflected that Palin, as things stand, is in a position where she would not can certainly advance to the Presidency.

However I felt the argument  original position was cogent  appropriate at the time and I do not resile from it and it would be putting ourselves in the same position as our political opponents if we are not open enough about our thoughts or a broad enough not to take with us more than just the conservative right which is too narrow a base for electoral success.

I made a deliberate plan not to include adverts for teeth whitening etc (without passing any judgement on any blog which has them-good luck to them fundraising wise) as I wanted to convey that this blog is an attempt at (for the most part) serious commentary with a few excursions in to personal reflections on things metaphysical/personal. I have failed a few times in trying to be witty but in general I trust I have kept to my original aims.

The blog has centred on Sarah Palin in the main, as to me the values (not necessarily policies) she embodies reflects my journey from, as the blog indicates, liberal to conservative. I regret that so many entries have had to focus on combating the negatives that the liberal media/blogs have created about her (created, as they are mostly pure fiction) rather than an analysis/exposition of her policies.

However I think that defense is a valid program as once the field is cleared of all the falsities, innuendos and other memes the left keep coming up with then, with the mind of the public cleansed of that rubbish, the serious work of policy development and explanation can begin.

Perhaps the task is an endless one sadly as the left is like a hydra and when a head is cut off another pops up just as ugly as the previous one. However the end result to be hoped for is worthy of the journey. If on the way I am joined by the occasional viewer/commentator/bookmarker (and who knows Paypal supporter ! Of course, like any dedicated blogger I would wish to do this full time and create a, in this case, thoughtful and hopefully inspiring, magazine of the right) then I will count myself as highly privileged to have the honor of your company.

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