Saturday, September 25, 2010

ALLAPUNDIT/HOT AIR And Any Other Blog Pushing A Castle Write In Campaign Whilst Condemning Murkowski's Is Hypocritical

ALLAPUNDIT at Hot Air and other conservative commentators are running columns conjugating how the possible entry of Mike Castle into the Delaware senatorial election might assist O'Donnell's flagging campaign to the point where, with a three way split she might sneak through to win.

So many of these same commentators went ballistic when Lisa Murkowski in Alaska contemplated and actually ended up doing exactly the same thing. Because her campaign might affect the chances of the leading candidate in that race, Joe Miller the Republican, she and her supporters were condemned as RINO's, traitors and suffered much opprobrium.

In Murkowski's case these attacks were entirely appropriate, not only because her entry might do damage to Miller and conceivably allow the Democrat McAdams, who normally would have no chance to sneak through but, because it is the right thing to do. If it is the right thing to do in Alaska then it is the right thing to do in Delaware or anywhere.

It is a sad moment when expediency is seen, and blatantly so, to conquer what is right. The Republicans have just launched a version of the "Contract with America" advising that "this time the contract, or now pledge, will be kept as we have learned the lessons of the past". The public will not have confidence in that advice if it is seen that, when it is convenient,principles are tossed aside, as they surely are when high profile conservatives are seen to be two faced in the overwhelming desire to win at all costs.

Jim DeMint made it very clear that if the party does not stand for principles, especially in its candidate selection and support of those so selected, then it does not deserve to carry on. People like ALLAHPUNDIT are doing a disservice to these ideals. If O'Donnell is the right candidate for the new Republicans, as her victory showed it to be, but is not acceptable to the majority of voters in Delaware then so be it. The party will carry on if she loses and if by her losing Republicans don't get a majority in the senate-well so be it as well (as if a one seat loss would prevent the Republicans from blocking bad policy as they are quite comfortably doing now.

It is sad and shameful to see this reversion to the "old politics" surely we on the right are better than that.

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