Saturday, September 25, 2010

CINO Rick Moran Attacks Stacy McCain/Dan Riehl And Should Be Excoriated,Expunged And Expelled

Conservative In Name Only Rick Moran at "Right Wing Nut House"/Pajamas Media has laid down the gauntlet to the Tea Party "elite" and the dynamic and respected defenders of true conservatism including Stacy McCain (The Other McCain) and Dan Riehl (Riehl World View) as well as Erickson at Red State Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin.

Yes I know, I wrote some time ago that it is best for ones blood pressure just to ignore Moran and his ilk, as it only encourages them when the see hits on their site but it was a slow news day and, against my better judgement, I had a look. As I should have know it did  nothing for my blood pressure and I certainly won't repeat the futile exercise. However some good came out of it as I think it is important to expose his distorted views, his foul ad hominems and his intolerance. But most of all his wrong headed outlook on a conservative movement whose morals, mores, and plans he does not have a clue about.

It is the latter that is the most important. Moran writes "In politics, there is victory and there is defeat.Nothing else matters." This one sentence alone is enough in itself to condemn Moran as an inhabitant of the beltway thinking which got us to where we are today. The "Contract With America"failed not because of its contents, but because of the compromising by the GOP establishment who ignored its basic tenets. Contrast Moran's political credo with Jim DeMint's;

DeMint, the leader of the Senate Conservatives Fund, said the GOP was on track to being a stronger party ideologically with her victory.

I don’t want the majority back if we don’t believe anything, So I think if we want the numbers, if we want the majority, then we’re going to have to stand on some principles that the American people believe in.”

DeMint's credo is one of honor, Moran's is one of tawdry business as usual degradation of the political system. He went on to add to this; "You're either on the outs or you're in-a cold calculation that seems to be lost on those who believe elections are about something else besides winning and losing."  That would not have worked so well for the nascent Republican party which gathered in Dayton Ohio in 1856 to nominate Fremont in an obviously losing battle. But which culminated four years later with the election of the greatest Republican in history and the emancipation of the slaves. Moran would have made a great leader of the Whig rump.

Moran seems to have gotten it into his head that some cabal of the tea party "elite"  is "mindlessly making war on those they suspect of ideological impurity". This Moran designated elite are, he says, more interested in maintaining their position at the top (sic) than in stopping Obama's agenda. This whilst trashing other conservatives who don't agree with them 100% of the time apparently.

The other aspect of his rant seems to be that if the tea party elite, whomever they are, have their way then the ability to compromise with the Democrats to craft legislation will be negated. "Obviously to even the most simple minded adolescent" he says in his typical arrogant fashion "this is not how to run a country." And, most tellingly "In the process of compromising, political deals are made, backs are scratched, favors called in and, threats and cajoing are used." Could any words be a more perfect example of exactly what the tea party is trying  to expunge from our national polity?

Moran's formula, which he admits is "messy, inefficient, unsatisfying and irredeemably venal" for governing (which system he says "works") is exactly what had got us into the terrible mess we are in-caused by comprising Republican and Democrats alike. The remedy is, I assure Mr. Moran, not more of the same.

Moran's concept that it is essential to have representatives who are prepared to compromise principles for expedience is a historical nonsense. For example, in Wiemar Germany should the Social Democrats have compromised their principles and platform to work with the majority Nazi's to "get things done"?  How well did it go for the conservatives to work with the Communist parties in Eastern Europe who subsequently overthrew the democracies one by one? There is a time to stand on principle and to be the part of No-that time is now when America is faced with a drift into socialism. There is nothing to stop and expunge from the law books all the laws passed by this administration-even if it takes more than one election to get a majority of true conservatives who will do it.

And who are these tea party elites who are leading the mass of rank and file sheep into the chasm of supporting  uncompromising candidates, some of whom may not win? Moran identifies Levin, Malkin, Erickson, Riehl and Stacy McCain who, with "several others" have "abandoned their principles by supporting the fatally flawed, radically unconservative (sic) Christine O'Donnell". I note that in Stacy McCain's case he has put his feet where his mouth is and actively campaigned for O'Donnell, as he has for Miller and many others, whereas I am unaware of the Brobdingnagian Moran doing anything for anyone of a feet on the ground nature. I note too that he states they support a "criminal candidate" who "steals from her own campaign chest."  I would have thought that a moral man, which Mr. Moran professes to be, would not make such statements a unless a criminal case was proven-innocent until proven guilty should be the watchword of an honorable man

Moran has shown himself, time and time again, to be antagonistic to true conservatism and it is time for his site, as with "Little Green Footballs" to be expunged from the conservative mind. His viewers are declining, for obvious reasons, and he should be left to rant in the outer darkness whilst making his steady progress to the Democratic party-which will surely happen if Palin, who he has strongly opposed, is on the 2012 ticket. And good riddance to bad rubbish along with Krauthammer, Rove and all the other beltway elites (in mind and place) whom time has passed by, and whose philosophy of government has failed.

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