Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lib's Espouse Bristol Palin/Ilk Responsible for "America's Declining Educational Performance"

In what must take the cake for the most high handed, snobbish lib statement of the year, actually make that the decade as it is unsurpassed for its crassness, Carbone and Cahn, two pundits on all things educational/social came up with (at Hufpost natch) this gem:

"Who would you bet is more likely to graduate from college? The yet-to-be born children of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky or Tripp Palin, the child already born to Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin, who became pregnant at 17? Therein lies the secret of America's declining educational performance."

And Dem's scratch their heads and wonder why the political climate has turned against them. After all, why would the great mass of people in flyover country not relish being talked down to, having their lifestyle denigrated compared to the elites in the blue states, who sure put them in their place with their superior values and parenting skills. 

We learn from mesdames Carbone and Cahn that "Chelsea and Marc represent the new ideal" whilst poor old Bristol-well she is hopeless......"Bristol and Levi, in contrast, represent the outcome of a system that preaches abstinence without the foundation of adult supervision, a promising future, or draconian consequences that once made it work. They bring Tripp into a world that simultaneously says having the child and keeping it is an acceptable choice, but you are on your own in dealing with an environment that provides little support for child rearing"

Clearly Bristol will shortly dump Tripp out into the snow-it is well know that red state mothers leave their children to sink or swim as soon as they are able to walk-that's why the survivors are so tough and purchase their hunting camouflage jackets as soon as they get their first low paying job when they (all) drop out of high school,.

Fortunately for Bristol her mother, Sarah Palin, is some sort of red state elitist-blue state imitator as a parent. She is also a first rate hypocrite, as she is providing blue state parenting whilst her "guns and religion' Tea Party followers continue to pop out brats one after another whilst making sure their tax dollars ain't gonna be used to help their and anyone elses kids get an ejucation..

However, according to Carbone and Cahn, if they ever lift their eyes to the horizon long enough to see the true shiny star, real "Mama Grizzly' role model that is Hillary they might see the possibility of a better world for their own offspring.

After all, what better role model could their be than the wife of a serial adulterer who stayed in a dysfunctional relationship whilst seeking political fame and glory. Chelsea has a much better example to follow than does a child of a mother of five who is not only monogamous but respects life.

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