Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dramatic Poll Improvement For Palin. Gains 9 Points In Head To Head Race With Obama

A new Politico poll confirms that Sarah Palin is trending up which confirms other polls.

As the publicity surrounding her extraordinary success in picking winners sinks in further this trend should continue. The failure of yet more hit piece hatchet jobs which are just eliciting sympathy for her, her obvious and growing gravitas and grasp/projection of issues, her outstanding address to the Iowa Reagan Day function will ensure Palin will continue on this upward trajectory.

If her chosen candidates do well in November this polling base would be expected to increase-further placing her in a front runner position for the nomination if she chooses to pursue it.

In a direct comparison head to head with president Obama Palin has improved from being 17 points behind to only eight behind.This mirrors the most recent PPP poll which has Obama at 48% and Palin at 43%

If the 2012 Presidential election were held today, who would you be more likely to vote for?
                    September          August                       
Obama             45                        50                                    
Sarah Palin     37                        33                                          
Don’t know     18                        17          

Her Favorable/Unfavorable ratings has also improved-up 6% favorable and down 7% unfavorable. Her unfavorable rating is at a significant point and when it falls below 50% it will mean a major shift in her favor.



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