Monday, September 20, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Why (In Retrospect) It Was Good Obama Was Elected

Number 10:

It proved Dr.Martin Luther King right-a man is now judged by the content of his character not the color of his skin-and can be found to be incompetent whether black or white.

Number 9:

It makes it more certain that Sarah Palin will be elected president. It would have been much harder for her to be elected after four years of an unsuccessful McCain presidency, or after eight years when voters usually defeat a sitting Vice President/put in the opposition.

Number 8:

Voters have learned that "Hope and Change and "Yes We Can" and unicorns, rainbows, Grecian Styrofoam columns in fact all fluff and no substance do not a president make.

Number 7:

The voters can now see that an "Empty Suit" is the same as "The Emperor's New Clothes"

Number 6:

The Main Stream media have been exposed as totally in the bag for the Democrat's and have lost all credibility and the power to influence the voters.

Number 5:

What was suspected has been proven. Democrat's are the party of big spending, high taxation, and bureaucracy. A lesson learned in two years, who are to be suffered for another two, and then dumped for the foreseeable future.

Number 4:

It has enabled the Republicans to clean house of RINO's to ensure that next time the new Contract With America will be honored.

Number 3:

It has brought into the Republican party a whole new generation of capable,forward thinking candidates-committed to not repeat the mistakes of the past and to  hold the leadership accountable for policy going forward.

Number 2

It has, partly through the example of Sarah Palin, brought in to the GOP an unprecedented amount of highly capable, energized and dedicated women who have added a hugely valuable aspect to the modernizing of the Republican Party.

Number 1:

It caused the creation of the Tea Party; energizing millions of Americans to get involved, to begin the process of restoring America, voting for and financing dynamic new candidates whilst removing the dead wood. Thank you President Obama-this is your finest achievement for which history will honor you.
There has been a high price to pay for all these, and many more lessons learned but-two more years and "Evening In America" will once again become Reagan's "Morning In America"

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