Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Palin's Night Of Triumph; Endorsed O'Donnell and Ayotte's Wins Continue Her Transformation Of The Republican Party

In what can only be described as a night of triumph for Sarah Palin as she has, once again, confounded the pundits and stamped, perhaps irrevocably now, her brand on the Republican Party.

Apart from her senatorial picks O'Donnell and Ayotte triumphing, Palin's picks Michael Grimm in NY13 (Staten Island, and Sean Duffy in Wisconsin 7 also won.Her only loss was the absolute long shot Brian Murphy who went down to Maryland Governor candidate favorite Robert Erlich (a case of Palin's principles over all else as she could have easily not endorsed Murphy). Still 4 out of 5 is not bad !

Wins by Palin endorsed Christine O’Donnell in Delaware (in her case, like Miller’s in Alaska, against all the odds) and Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire are further, dramatic, examples that Sarah Palin is reshaping the Republican Party. She is transforming it in a way that even Ronald Reagan or Barry Goldwater could not accomplish.

In Reagan’s case his victory was triumph of an individual. Certainly an individual with a message similar to, in fact the inspiration of Palin’s, but his victory did not fundamentally change the very culture of the party. Similarly Goldwater’s nomination was the victory of a mass of enthusiastic supporters but it did not result in a mass growth in the number of Senators and Representatives who had the same ideals as he did.

The victories of Palin’s endorsed candidates in New Hampshire and Delaware are particularly important as they could bring into the Senate Tea Party/Palin supported candidates outside of the traditional Republican base in the South and Mid-West.

Ayotte and O’Donnell added to Sharron Angle from Nevada, Miller from Alaska and Rand Paul from Kentucky, would provide a base to which others, already in the Senate, who are of a similar mind to them, but have not had a grouping to work with, can coalesce with to present a united front of “common sense conservatism.”

The main stream media (and Krauthammer on the right) must now, surely, throw away their form book and admit (or have the scales drop from their eyes) that Palin and The Tea party are transformative and time after time they have been wrong in writing her and them off. After the victory of Joe Miller in Alaska (who Krauthammer wrote off completely) and Ayotte and O’Donnell’s triumphs, they have no excuse any more not to recognize the new paradigm.

Certainly the MSM and the blogosphere left are going to spin these latest Palin victories as some sort of “suicide mission” or the throwing away of winnable seats if only the Republicans had more traditional candidates. They miss the point entirely by doing that knee-jerk response.

The Democratic party will of course run with that analysis, as scaring voters about “”radical” Republicans” is the only thing they have to offer. The MSM, which should have higher standards, must not be so blinded by their incomprehension of Palin that they don’t look back at her resignation speech for the key to what is happening.

Palin made it as clear as day. After explaining that she could not carry on in office burdened by frivolous law suits as they were hurting the people of Alaska who elected her to do the job of governing-which job she was unable to do because of the distraction .Palin then set out her plans for the future.

They were stated as clear as could be. She would endorse and support common sense conservatives who would lead the party back to its Reaganite traditions but with policies suited to the needs of today. If she failed-that was a risk she would gladly take- “If I die I die” she famously said.

The media is also unable to comprehend that the new conservatives who are driving this force for change are immune to the wails from the traditionalists that by putting up Palin endorsed candidates the Republicans are throwing away the chance to regain the Senate. They are so used to politics for power only that they can’t understand that there is a revolution brewing and if only one or two get in this time, and control of the senate does not come, that does not matter.

What matters is that the work of transformation is under way and it is unstoppable, When control of Congress does come-no matter how long it takes, it will result in a massive change to American society in favor of the great mass of the people-not the traditional vested interests.

The MSM, not used to a politician setting out exactly what they were going to do in an act of unselfishness (elements which are clearly beyond the media’s grasp to comprehend until, hopefully now) have time after time ridiculed, ignored and belittled her progress. However the results of her efforts are so starkly apparent that even they will surely understand they are dealing with a new person in politics- a person of trust, honor and heartfelt conservatism who speaks to and for those outside the beltway.

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