Thursday, September 2, 2010

It Begins ! Feminists Upset Over Vanity Fair Palin Hatchet Job, Attack Daily Kos Over Anti-Feminism

Over at the feminist blog Shakesville they had a tortured article about how, and very much against their will, they had to defend Palin.This in respect of the miserable Vanity Fair hit piece.

The need for defending her, after which one commentator advised she would have to lie down with a cold towel across her head, arose not because of the attacks on Palin as a woman necessarily, but because the article attacked Palin on matters so inconsequential that if a man did them they would not get a mention.

Not all feminists came on board however, a noted blogger said the VF piece almost made her defend Palin. One wonders what it would take if e.g. Sullivan's gynecological explorations are not misogyny enough to come to Palin's defense "Because that's what feminists do".

The left is turning on itself because of the errors in the VF article and that now includes feminists turning on the major repository of all things radical leftist-the Daily Kos blog-about which it was commented on on the Shakesville site;

"there is nothing feminist about Daily Kos. If you look up their user profile, it is overwhelmingly male, white, and over 50. No wonder they went crazy bashing Hillary Clinton from the get go in '08". Which insight was further commented on by another "Yep, the privilege denying on Kos is astounding"

The feminists are quite right-the average Kos person turns out, surprisingly, to be a male (63%) , Caucasian(92%) and earning $60+ (to $150K+). 

This goes far to confirm that the liberal activist is a member of the elite not the downtrodden they are supposed to have the best interest of. And now it seems they are anti-feminist too, which explains why only 37% of Kossites are female.

Thel irony of the whole Palin situation is that a person who holds no elective office, may never hold office again, and who communicates by Facebook and Twitter is not only impervious to the leftist attacks, but is assisting the radical left to destroy itself.

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