Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Earl Ofari Hutchinson Demeans His Standing As A Journalist With Tabloid Type Article On Palin And Booing

Frankly it is nothing short of amazing that a professional journalist, a noted television and radio commentator, who is credited with a substantial number of books can lower himself to the level of an Hollywood tabloid scribbler.

Hutchinson has produced a five paragraph column in Huffington Post which venue takes his work to an even lower level, which includes analyzing whether or not Sarah Palin was booed whilst she was in the audience to watch her daughter Bristol compete on Dancing with the Stars.

After castigating ABC for basically protecting their "cash cow"and giving his in depth coverage of what has been idiotically called "Boogate" by sections of the well named "Lame Stream Media" Hutchinson concludes that 'Palin almost certainly was booed on Dancing with the Stars. But a fearful ABC is more than happy to dance around that". He also states-weirdly "So why then the rush by ABC to clean up yet another in the telephone-book-thick list of Palin's dismal acts?".  This is a clearly an example of PDS-what "dismal act" did Palin perform? All I saw was a proud mother sitting in the audience. Hutchinson has seen something else and perhaps needs to take professional advice.

Hutchinson tries to make what is effectively an E! Online article into something profound by linking ABC's professional presentation, via raw footage, of what is nearly universally accepted proof that the judges scoring was booed, not Palin (not that it mounts to a hill of beans either way). He links what he sees as ABC's act of self preservation, to Palin having seemingly destroyed the entire media "She's cowed the media. Her repeated taunt and jibe at the mainstream "lamestream" media as too liberal, too anti-Republican, too biased, and too sexist has hit home. That's caused many network executives to bunker down and tread carefully on any knock of Palin.." .

Well you could have fooled me!I see an endless flood of media attacks on Palin-her clothes, her daughter, her looks-just read the filthy comments on Huffington Post where people revel in the fact that Palin has had to have a restraining order taken out against a purported stalker-read the sexist garbage on trash site "Wonkette." Perhaps someone could point Mr.Hutchinson in the direction of the Vanity Fair hit piece which was so bad that even embarrassed left wing journalists called foul, unfair and untrue.

These media cowards are apparently hunkering down in fear of Palin's army of Tea Partiers-really, it's all so very very sad to see a representative of the leftist press like Mr. Hutchinson reduced to this level.

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