Saturday, September 4, 2010

Andy Ostroy At Huffpost,Worst Example Of A Media/Blogosphere Which Has Gone Palin Insane-Unprecedented Obsessional Behaviour

This week has seen an outpouring of the most vicious bilious attacks on Palin surpassing even the lib's mass attacks directly following Palin's electrifying speech at the 2008 Republican convention.

In such a mass of yellow (or better-brown sewage) "journalism" Andy Ostroy described as a "NYC Political Analyst" (naturally-a perfect example of East Coast elitism) took the booby prize for the worst ad hominem attack. Ostroy's "column" was a hatchet job from start to finish with this being his crowning glory;

"But the bigger question is with Palin herself, and whether this little-educated, inexperienced, bad-tempered rabble-rousing quitter who lacks cultural, literary and intellectual curiosity and passion truly expects to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate in 2012 or if she's just plain delusional and drunk on her own hype."

His screed doesn't even have the pretence of being objective journalism it is just a rant. The editors at Huffington Post should be shamed for allowing his rubbish to see the light of day if they even pretend to be running a serious journal.

Obsessional-is probably too simple a description. In my lifetime of political activity going back to watching the results of the second Eisenhower/Stevenson election (what courtly genteel days they were!) I have never seen the media-of all stripes- in such a bizarre, obsessional condition. Even the Vietnam war and Watergate days pale in comparison

The New York Times,Washington Post, CBS, MSNBC,Vanity Fair, Huffington Post and all the left wing bloggers, from the staid and civilized to the idiotic, cruel and possessed like Wonkette, have exploded in a frenzy of Palin Delusional Syndrome (PDS).

The madness has reached such a boiling point that in their frenzy, like rabid dogs, they are even starting to turn on each other. The Vanity Fair hatchet job on Palin was so over the top (and now admitted by the writer Gross to have fact in error for which he apologized) that some on the left, to keep a shred of credibility, have also taken to pointing out glaring errors.

Some who provided "information" both anonymous and stated, now are crying that they were lied to and misrepresented. Even rabidly leftist feminists have taken to supporting her as they can't ignore the obvious misogyny of many of these attacks.

Under "normal" circumstances, the PDS level just ticks along. Sometimes up a bit and sometimes, when Palin isn't tweeting, sometimes down a bit-but what has caused this incredible explosion of insanity?

I believe it has happened, to a large degree, because of Palin's incredible victory in backing a total rank outsider in the Alaskan Republican Senate primary, Joe Miller against, even though a Republican, one of "theirs" in the establishment-Murkowski.

The media who were crowing about Palin's "kiss of death' support of various candidates (which was not true as she had a plus 500 average) and who said Murkowski would trounce Miller, basically ending any power Palin had, were made to look utter fools.

They have not responded well. On top of that Palin followed through with a non-controversial speech saluting the troops at the Glen Beck organized DC rally. The media were again disappointed in their hopes for controversy, racism and violence. All they got was a massive crowd, who behaved in an exemplary manner, and who showcased the power of the non-Beltway Tea Party.

The media have a real dichotomy and don't know how to deal with it. They love the clicks/hits/viewers/readers that anything they present about Palin brings but whilst doing so they are building her up. The attacks on her have become so ridiculous that they have lost all their sting (and are mostly rehashed items from 2008) and their prognostications about her, subsequently falling flat, make them look like fools.

Palin meanwhile gives as good as she gets, which infuriates the Lame Stream Media, as she describes the press, (and blogosphere) to a point where they are in danger of becoming incoherent with rage and totally debunked..

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