Thursday, September 16, 2010

Romney Supporters Behind Vehement Attacks (To Subvert Palin For 2012) On O'Donnell? Robert Stacey McCain Theorizes

In an insightful article in The American Spectator Robert Stacey McCain (Of The Other McCain fame) posits that some of the venom directed against Christine O'Donnell the now Republican candidate for Senator from Delaware,both during the campaign proper and in the immediate aftermath of her stunning, come from behind victory, may come from supporters of Mitt Romney.

The special insight from McCain comes from his analysis of the 2012 presidential primary season and in some of the key states who vote early e.g. New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, Palin endorsed candidates have won key positions and would be in  strong position to influence the vote in their respective states.

Delaware where O'Donnell owes much to Palin for her victory is part of the "Super Tuesday" bloc of states and will also be important.The fact that in each of these states the key person who won and who was supported by Palin is a woman would, one would imagine, be of some significance

It would seem logical that, as McCain surmises, supporters of Romney might be very worried to see yet another woman, O'Donnell added to Palin's key state list, and if they could affect this November's result in a negative fashion for O'Donnell's result, that would be a help to  Romney's chances-especially if they could say "Palin's endorsements in the primaries actually hurt the party in the general." It's a dirty hard game.

Interestingly, Chris Mathews on Hardball was in a particularly down mood on the Dem's prospects including, unlike others at MSNBC, giving odds that O'Donnell would win in November.

 Apropos of Romney he said that he couldn't imagine all the mass of Tea party enthusiasts at the GOP Convention in Tampa supporting Romney/Pawlenty (neither can I for that matter and neither could anyone who was in the room with O'Donnell when she was declared the victor I would venture) and said that Palin would be the choice.

MATTHEWS: I can`t see the Republican convention meeting, wherever they`re going to meet, in Tampa, right? They`re down there and they`re thundering in there with delegates, one of these Tea Partiers after another, storming the gates, all excited about they`re going to get rid of the 14th Amendment, get rid of, what, the 17th Amendment, energize the 10th Amendment, love the Second Amendment, and then they go pick Romney, Tim Pawlenty.

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