Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New York Magazine Commences Disgusting Anti- Palin Type Misogynist Attacks Against O'Donnell-Where Are The Feminists?

The liberal left  shows how really, really clever they are.Let's hear from the feminists.
The liberal left-as typified by the archetypal leftist mag New York Magazine only waited one day before commencing the snide, misogynist, elitist attacks they and their ilk have been running against Sarah Palin.

Publishing-to the glee of their commentators, who make fun of her chins and teeth, the most unflattering photo of new GOP senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell whose upset win in Delaware has rocked the establishment.

The magazine has commenced the same sort of petty, small minded attacks against O'Donnell that they have against Palin. The worst they can find is that she "coined a Palinism" she said "unfactual" to which they chided her by snobbishly commenting "We know what she meant. But ... not a word. Careful, O'Donnell, you keep this up and people will start to take you unseriously. " Here we go again-it's all so childish and petty minded.

One of the saddest aspects of this is that you would think they would have learned that for all of their efforts (which titillate their immature minded readers) Palin is growing stronger and more influential all the time. They have totally misjudged the mood of the country, which has had enough of being looked down their noses at  by
the NewYork /Washington beltway elite and all this sort of writing does is to inflame them further.

Another sad aspect is that the feminist movement is so tied up with the "progressive" Democratic Party  left, that no matter how misogynistic the attacks on women who are conservative are, they will let them pass (or join in).They are reducing themselves to irrelevancy and are incapable of understanding that feminism has become a bigger tent movement encompassing "main street" women and they should make a place for them in their forums and defend them.

The remedy is coming in November and one group who will surely teach the NY Magazine writers that things have changed is women. They are turning out in their thousands to hear Palin who they recognize as one of their own (no matter how much money she makes they see that she is unspoiled by her fame and fortune).

They see in O'Donnell another kindred spirit who, like them, has had personal and financial troubles and misspeaks a word now and then.

If all the voters want is a Harvard educated man who speaks in lofty perfect sentences, but who is disconnected with their hopes and fears-well they have him. Come November they will let him, the elite and media like the New York Magazine know how they really feel.

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