Saturday, September 18, 2010

UPDATE;Look Powerline What Don't You Understand About "We Don't Care About O'Donnell's Past. It Is Hers, And America's Future We Care About?

As I wrote in the previous post reposted below I don't give a stuff what Christine O'Donnell got up to as a young woman in her twenties. How immature, or misguided (if that was the case) or sexual or non-sexual, nor what sad, minor, financial problems she had or still has.

Did she kill or maim someone? Did she cheat on her partner, abandon her kids is she on drugs/deal in them? Has she served jail time? No? Then who cares. Look at this pile of garbage on the Memeorandum site, the left is revelling in the muck.

It didn't seem to matter that Vitter and Bill Clinton got up to all sexual shenanigans, in fact Bill left office with a higher approval rating then he enjoyed in his first term and Vitter is going to win reelection easily. There is a misogynistic and salacious effort going on by the left and a sad abandonment by some on the right-look how Powerline has kicked her to the curb straight away-with friends like that who needs enemies.

It was OK for Roosevelt, Harding, Eisenhower and notoriously all the Kennedy's to have mistresses galore, not to mention Ted Kennedy's drowning problems-but that  is seemingly OK. "Teddy" can be the  sainted "Lion of the left" and  disloyally challenge a sitting president, but let a young women struggle to find her way in life and all sorts of dirt are dug up on her. Sarah Palin had the strength and fortitude to push through all this rubbish with the help of a strong husband and supporting family. O'Donnell does not have these advantages and must be feeling a tremendous pressure.

She does have a supportive family however-all of us on the right who believe in the need for a renewal of America-we must, at this difficult time for her, reach out to her and show her that she is not alone.We have done that financially (and should continue to do so) but now is the time to show her some love by sending her messages of support.

How would you like to be receiving this pile of garbage (and where, once again, are the feminists?) Put yourself in her place and let her know she is not alone. She can and will recover from this and can win-the voters understand it is about changing (or reversing) course and personalities matter only to the extent of how dedicated they will be to assisting the ship of state to turn around. What baggage they bring on board,if it doesn't hole the ship, is  irrelevant.

Link; The Other McCain


The Dem's and their fellow travellers in the MSM/Blogosphere just don't get it. They jumped straight into the sewer digging around in the muck to find anything they could to denigrate Christine O'Donnell including years old footage of her thoughts on sex. They also, in a display of crass misogyny, published the most unflattering photograph of her they could find which did its job of inciting comments directed at her appearance.

The voters in Delaware clearly showed they were unimpressed by the dirt that was thrown at O'Donnell by the opposing campaign.You would think the MSNBC crowd would have learned from this but no, they got stuck into her past straight away. In a way it is possibly all for the good as all they are doing is digging themselves and the Dem's deeper into a hole the themselves have created.

Here's the story.We don't care about Christine O'Donnell's housing or financial problems or her beliefs about sexuality.We care about the economy, taxation, spending, jobs and of course the moral climate. If a person believes in God, is moral, genuinely cares for his or her fellow man, then the vast majority of voters have shown that they don't care at all if a person has, what the MSM/Dem's and sadly establishment GOP'ers consider "flaws and questions about their past".

We are looking to a future America which is renewed both economically and spiritually. If it takes non-elitist "flawed" people like O'Donnell and Palin and Miller and Angle and many others, who relate to us as we relate to them, to get us there we will forgive and forget their very human frailties as they press on to do their very best for all.

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