Thursday, September 16, 2010

Excerpt From Palin's Speech At National (Christian) Quartet Convention Louisville Ky.God Loves This Woman Of Faith,She Loves God And I Love Her !

TV Station WHAS in Louisville Kentucky presented an excerpt from Sarah Palin's speech to the Christian centered National Quartet Convention in Louisville Kentucky today.

In the clip Palin is heard addressing 10,000 convention attendees (who the panning camera and subsequent interviews show were rapt and appreciative).She makes a clear, unequivocal statement about her faith

"I put my life in God's hands," Palin said, describing her own faith, "You know we call it getting saved, becoming a Christian, becoming a believer.  The media usually gets that all wrong and turns it into something that it's not.  It's just a sincere faith in Jesus Christ and I gave my life to the Lord at that time," Palin said to cheers".

For all the media who look for personal political reasons for her actions since she reigned as governor to take to the road to support those who would, like her, change America for the better, for all those liberal bloggers, the radical leftists and Democratic Party beltway pols, here is the absolute truth of the matter.

Sarah Palin is a born again Christian, doing what she is doing in firm belief that that is what her God wants her to do, and her path forward is directed and empowered by the indwelling Holy Spirit.

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