Thursday, September 9, 2010

America-Doesn't McCain/Palin Look Pretty Good Right About Now ?

Not of course to the hard core radical leftists whom even The White House Press Secretary Gibbs has given up on.

But to those Republicans and independents who were captivated by "The One", by unicorns and rainbows, by "yes we can, and hope and change" and other fanciful notions, the point has surely been reached where embarrassment and for some, outright shame for how they voted and were taken in, has been overcome by the light of reality.

They will be joined by
some conservative and centrists Democrats, which grouping will have contributed to President Obama's appalling 41% approval rate from the near 70% he achieved as he took office. Could anyone believe that if an election was held now that Florida/NorthCarolina/Virginia/Indiana/Ohio/Iowa would still vote for Obama over McCain-much less Pennsylvania and even Michigan ?

I take no joy in seeing come to pass something I warned my Democrat supporter friends about. I cautioned against his lack of experience, his ivory tower background with no grounding in the aspirations of the plain folks. I cautioned they were buying an empty suit and a box of PR spin.

However no amount of reasoned argument, no pointing out that a man who had sat for so many years in a demagogues church, could possibly deny that he was not aware of the flow of anti-white invective from those  quarters.

No matter how much evidence of Obama's radical connections was brought to light, no matter his elitism against those who "cling to their guns and religion" was canvassed my friends were determined to overlook the evidence of the senses.

The reason for this was not Palin, or even the share market crash, but it was the overwhelming Bush hatred which blinded them to any other course but to vote for the anti-Bush (no matter who the Republican nominee was).

I am not joyful to hear from them that they now have turned competely against Obama to the point they want him impeached ! No one should drink from a cup of happiness to them which is brewed from a nations tears.

In a few weeks the great mass of conservatives-which encompasses Republicans, independents and a portion of Democrats, will cast their votes against this administration.

The nation will show, once again, that it is center right and will, never again I believe, give a media cloaked radical the opportunity to change the course of the river of  America which it has traversed down the metaphoric center of the nation for over two hundred years.

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