Sunday, September 19, 2010

Next Batter Up-Palin Is Raaaaaaciiist !

Earl Ofari Hutchinson  writing  in the Ultra Lib Huffington Post advises it is now time for a second look at Palin. Personally I think she has been sliced, diced, dissected so many times that a second look is perhaps perfunctory.

However what Mr. Hutchinson appears to mean is that Palin has passed the MSM hurdle for being taken seriously-which only took two years and a huge string of achievements to pierce this particular glass ceiling. One would have thought that the moment she was selected as the possible next Vice President of the United States she would have been taken seriously-but apparently not.

Now that she is worth a second look what do we find? She triggers racism-Hutchinson gets right to the point;

"Palin exploits another feeling that GOP mainstream politicians have been inept, clumsy, or gun shy about exploiting. And that's race and Obama. During the campaign McCain wisely declared that off-limits. But Palin didn't. She quickly trotted out the GOP's old reliable playbook of racially tinged code words, phrases, and digs at Obama, "paling around with terrorists," and "This is not a man who sees America as you see America and as I see America." Far from turning voter's heads in disgust and revulsion at the word play, they got rousing cheers whenever she spewed them out on the campaign stump. "

How Mr H. sees, in those two quotes, an incitement to racism on Palin's part is frankly, beyond me. Perhaps it is because I have not spent my life seeing everything through  a prism of racism to the extent that I can take any sentence and find in it hidden, coded messages.

That dog just won't hunt !

Woah- I must be a racist I can now see...that is surely a coded image of bloodhounds baying in the deep Southern night as they lead a posse of Klansman chasing an escaped Black convict! Unfortunately as a now discovered (to myself) racist I am deeply conflicted. What will my attitude to my sister's little daughter, who is a Black Jew-as Black as President Obama i.e. 50% Black. Do I hate her half of the time from now on? It seems I can now never vote for her when she grows up if she chooses to run for office because, as Hutchinson points out:

" That sent the signal that there were millions of voters who would never accept an Obama presidency, no matter what he said, or did, and no matter how well he said or did it. They just simply could not stomach the idea of a black man in the White House, and they would go to any lengths to get him out of there".

I have to examine my relations with myself too-being an Irish Jew am I riddled with guilt whilst having a mother complex? What a can of racist worms Hutchinson has opened for me. And presumably for Palin too.

Perhaps Mr. Hutchinson isn't aware that Sarah is married to a man who is part Native American-a race who arguably have suffered more persecution, to the point of nearly being wiped out, than perhaps the American Blacks have. Should Sarah also look at her children with a jaundiced, prejudiced eye-who knows what exists in the strange mind of  people who see racism everywhere-perhaps Hutchinson can further advise .

No, the left has taken Palin seriously from the start-why else would they have mounted an unprecedented campaign, (as Hutchinson admits) of ridicule and attack from the start right until this very moment? Unfortunately for them nothing they do seems to have any effect.They are trotting out again the racist canard, which failed to make any headway in the past and which will also fail to make any headway now.Try something else Mr.Hutchinson, perhaps a critique of her conservative values in light of your liberal ones, but if you do, which would be welcome as a sensible contribution to dialogue-please leave the racism out.

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