Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bristol Palin On DWTS Is De-Demonizing Sarah

Another left wing/blogosphere meme "Sarah Palin is a horrible parent" bites the dust with the charming and lovely Bristol showing real Palin fortitude on dancing with The stars.

Even Jon Stewart on The Daily Show was effusive in his praise of  Bristol, who he called a sweet kid with plenty if youthful exuberance, and her "Go for it" attitude. The all things Palin bashers on Huffington Post have struggled to find anything negative about Bristol, apart from the usual snide comments about her weight, and the general attitude seems to  be one of goodwill.

How could it be anything else? Bristol Palin is a normal young lady who has been clearly well brought up and who has a down to earth attitude to life.The antics of her boyfriend has, in contrast only further reinforced her charm.

The left still has its diehards, the execrable "Wonkette" can't let go its degrading, misogynist attitude with comments about Bristol (and of course Palin's whole family) but "the content of her character' is not attacked.

Where the LSM thought they might have a demonizing edge on this story to attack Sarah was that she was going to turn up in the audience "because it is all about her as a media whore" The New York Magazine ran a headline to this effect and did not publish a retraction subsequently. Other reports said that the show had to engage  massive security guard coverage including metal detectors all because Sarah was attending.

As it tuned  Palin's attendance was all MSM speculation with no foundation in anything except the fevered minds of those suffering from PDS. When it turned out that Sarah wasn't in the audience precisely because she didn't want to make Bristol even more nervous and instead held a "TV party" in Wassila for family and finds, the lefts rubbish was of course shot down once again.

And of course Sarah can't win-the still found something to complain about  with "If Sarah Palin was a good parent she would have been in the audience cheering her daughter on'  and " poor Bristol was left all alone with no support whilst everyone else had a family member there" As I said when it comes To Sarah Palin there is no way that anything she does will not be attacked somehow.

Anther say-another paliP meme shot down.this is of course all to the good because by 2012 if she decides to run there will be absolutely nothing for the LSM to say about her that hasn't been said so she will be able to attend to her message of small government, low taxation and redeeming America without distractions.

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