Friday, September 17, 2010

Sore Loser Murkowski Hands 2014 Senate Seat To Todd (Or Sarah) Palin

In an act of stomp your  foot and hold your breath till you turn blue petulism Lisa Murkowski is reported to launch her quixotic run for Alaska senator with a write in campaign today.

Talk about noblesse oblige or entitlement this is a classic case of childishness. It's mine and you can't take it away from me and what's more I will take you down with me if you try.

Well good luck with that Lisa.

In reality all she has done is to humiliate herself and destroy any remaining shred she had of reputation and dignity. It was not a good look not congratulating her opponent and endorsing Miller, and even worse scrambling around trying to get a third party line to run on.

Further Murkowski has probably made  the best example ever of kicking oneself in the backside. By leaving the GOP she has thrown away the chance of running in 2014 against the Democratic Party Senator Begich, who only won because of a fluke in what is normally a safe Republican seat.

This now leaves the seat open to either Sarah Palin, presuming she is not the sitting president in 2014, and if she wants to have a go at it, or and why not, Todd Palin.

Todd represents Alaskan values, is a successful small businessman, has been around politics, shall we say, for many years and would have the support of a powerful endorser. Alaskans seem to be OK with the dynasty concept, witness the Murkowski family, so that should not be a problem.

If the Palin's don't wish to challenge for the seat they are in a strong position to endorse someone favorable to their policies-further negating a Murkowski influence in local GOP politics. It's win-win all the way for the Palin's and lose -lose all the way for the Murkowski's. Don't mess with Big Mama Grizzly is a lesson hard learned it seems.

By her petulance Murkowski has done the Palin's (and the GOP) a big favor which will come back to haunt her after her write in campaign flops and she wanders off into the Alaskan political wilderness.

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