Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chicago Columnist (Naturally) Wins Palin Derangement Syndrome Ranter Of The Year Award

Julie Farby described as "Chicago Political Buzz Examiner" wins the PDS Ranter Of The Year Award. I have no qualms in awarding this to her even though the year has some months to run yet as I am unable to believe anybody could top her Palin rant.

It is funny, actually sad really, that the worst denizens of the mind hell that are PDS sufferers are women. I would leave that to psychologists (and perhaps female ones at that) to work out what there is in the background of these sad people which makes them go off rational behaviour into a strange mad world.

Julie not only hits the PDS buttons she reaches for the stars in exceeding rational discourse. In describing the Beck/Palin event in Anchorage on 9/11 she vents;

"In "honor" of the thousands of innocent American civilians murdered nine years ago, on that fateful autumn day in 2001, √ľberpatriots Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck will be a holding their own personal 9/11 event in Alaska to "honor" their own uncanny ability to dupe the dumb public into pouring moose piles of dirty money into their already fat, overstuffed, blood-soaked coffers. For freedom!"

PDS in extremis ! "Blood soaked coffers" is particularly good as an example of being detached from reality-it is widely known, even the usual suspects have not mentioned it,that Palin is not getting any money from the even and Beck is contributing his fee to his charity for wounded servicemen and women.

Here is some lovely  personal invective;

Because this 9/11 rally is very much for-profit! Oh, you betcha!

These two gutless swindlers are charging up to $225 for entry, with the most expensive tickets offering a "meet and greet." There will be a bar, too! You just have to get the "wet" section tickets.
Disclaimer: Beck will likely not be in the "wet" section lest he fall from Jesus-blessed grace and return to his bumbling, boozy ways of acting like an inebriated buffoon....He can do that all by himself, without the help of alcohol now, thank you very much!

I would not normally present this sort of psychobabble to my readers, some of whom may be of a delicate constitution, but I thought some may be from the psychiatric profession and may find this useful for research.

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