Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let The Lib's Dig All The Dirt On O'Donnell-They Don't Get It. We Don't Care, She Is Fallible As We All Are,She Looks To The Future As We Do

The Dem's and their fellow travellers in the MSM/Blogosphere just don't get it. They jumped straight into the sewer digging around in the muck to find anything they could to denigrate Christine O'Donnell including years old footage of her thoughts on sex. They also, in a display of crass misogyny, published the most unflattering photograph of her they could find which did its job of inciting comments directed at her appearance.

The voters in Delaware clearly showed they were unimpressed by the dirt that was thrown at O'Donnell by the opposing campaign.You would think the MSNBC crowd would have learned from this but no, they got stuck into her past straight away. In a way it is possibly all for the good as all they are doing is digging themselves and the Dem's deeper into a hole the themselves have created.

Here's the story.We don't care about Christine O'Donnell's housing or financial problems or her beliefs about sexuality.We care about the economy, taxation, spending, jobs and of course the moral climate. If a person believes in God, is moral, genuinely cares for his or her fellow man, then the vast majority of voters have shown that they don't care at all if a person has, what the MSM/Dem's and sadly establishment GOP'ers consider "flaws and questions about their past".

We are looking to a future America which is renewed both economically and spiritually. If it takes non-elitist "flawed" people like O'Donnell and Palin and Miller and Angle and many others, who relate to us as we relate to them, to get us there we will forgive and forget their very human frailties as they press on  to do their very best for all.

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