Friday, September 10, 2010

Ed Show's Guest Karen Hunter Doubles Down On Palin Madness Without Mentioning "Going Lynching With Dad" This Time

Both Texas4Palin (which has the clip) and others are all over The Ed Show's Schultz and his guest Karen Hunter's preposterous linking of a purported Sarah Palin incitement to Pastor Terry Jones Koran burning extravaganza. T4P links to "More on the MSDNC moonbat madness from NewsBuster Mark Finkelstein:"

"On The Ed Show this evening, guest Karen Hunter, responding to a leading question from host Schultz, went deep conspiracy theory, saying she "wouldn't be surprised at all" if the "fingerprints" of Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich were "all over" Pastor Terry Jones' plan to fire up some Korans.

Really. Can't you just see it? "Terry? Sarah and Newt again. Did the FedEx arrive with the dozen Korans and the pint of Zippo lighter fluid? Good."

Fortunately, Heidi Harris was there to restore some sanity, pointing out that Palin and Newt had come out against the Koran burning and describing Jones as a "totally separate entity."

T4P concludes "These MSDNC freaks are bat guano insane. They have to be crazy, because no one in his or her right mind could be that stupid.".

Actually fans of bat guano insane can go one further-here is a clip with an interview with Karen Hunter with some very interesting images of Sarah Palin, a previous generation who "went lynching with dad", and the "core audience" who listen to Palin. Hunter is thankful to Palin for bringing this core audience into the light where "people with human sensitivities" can keep an eye on them.

We with human sensitivities can also keep an eye on Karen Hunter  and are appeciative of the interviews she gives for her core audience of nutters.

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